Spider Man No Way Home Review (Heavy Spoilers)



Aidan Comfort, Staff Writer

May 2nd, 2008, people lined up to see the movie adaptation of Iron Man, one of the most famous superheroes. That was the start of one of the biggest interconnected movie franchises ever, The Marvel Cinematic Universe. But six years earlier, something else released, the movie adaptation of Spider Man. In 2010 the sequel to Ironman, Iron Man 2 was released. In 2012 The Amazing Spider man released. Spiderman made his entrance with the help of Iron Man in 2016, a pretense to Spiderman Homecoming which was released in 2017. In 2019 Spiderman Far From Home was released as a sequel to Homecoming. But recently, on December 17, 2021 Spider Man No Way Home was released. 


As the most recent addition to the MCU, Spider Man No Way Home was a massive reveal of the multiverse and everything it has to offer. There are three major things that contribute to a movie: plot, characters, and importance to the universe. Each section will be rated out of ten and then totaled out of 30. Fair warning, spoilers for the plot lies ahead.


The plot to this movie was amazing, definitely keeping me entertained the whole time. At the beginning of the movie we’re reminded of how Peter was revealed as Spider Man to the whole world, making it tough for him to be himself. On top of that, his friends were rejected from colleges because they’re  associated with Spiderman and are his closest friends. He tries to reverse time with the help of Dr. Strange and, when the spell is messed up, people from across the multiverse come to the MCU. He catches and agrees to help save the villains. All of them turned on him and escaped leading to Green Goblin killing Aunt May in the end. A distraught Peter goes to his thinking place to hide and think. His best friend Ned and girlfriend MJ call upon two other Peters from the two other universes. The three spidermen and Peter’s two friends team up to find the cures for the villains and help them safely go back to their universes.There’s an all out brawl between the three spidermen and the villains, ending with them all being cured, except one. Green Goblin and Tom Holland’s Peter have a fight where he is about to kill Green Goblin when he’s stopped by the other two. In order to protect the multiverse, Peter and Dr. Strange is forced togo through with the spell, but everyone must forget who Peter Parker is. In the end Peter never reminds Ned and MJ of who he is and he goes on with his life even when he promised them when saying goodbye he would tell them everything. In the end credit scene, it’s teased that some of the venom symbiote was left behind. Overall the plot was great, even with a few plot holes here and there. I’d rate the plot a solid 8.5/10.


The importance to the Marvel universe definitely shines, showing some new characters and concepts. We get to see the multiverse as a whole and just how vast it is, much like in Loki. It also teased DareDevil and Venom in the MCU with the end credit scene showing some of the venom symbiote being left behind and the lawyer Peter consulted in the movie being DareDevil. It definitely gave the idea of what will be dealt with in  Phase 4 of the MCU. Overall, I’d give the importance to this universe a solid 10/10.


The characters in this movie were brilliant, really outshining everything else in this movie. The MCU Peter was fantastic in this movie, and Tom Holland is a big contributor to that fact. Andrew Garfield’s Peter was great too, being kind, but still slightly awkward and emotional as ever, even when wearing the suit. Toby McGuire’s Peter was great too, perfectly reprising the role of Peter even after 14 years. Dr. Strange was as fun as ever, showing even in a more sci-fi world magic can still be a great addition. Dr. Octavius was super fun as well, especially after being cured where he even helped the Peters beat some of the villains at the end of the movie. Electro was  funny, still being interesting on screen while being a threat to the Peters. Lizard, also known as Dr. Kurt Conners, was very entertaining even with little time he was given. He was intimidating and spooky, especially when watching him fight one of the Peters. Sandman was the most empathetic yet interesting, giving this sense of he just wanted to go home and less of just wanting to cause chaos. Green Goblin was great and the most impact villain on the story by far. He was the one to kill Aunt May, encourage the other villains to betray Peter, and the catalyst to the flame that was teaching Peter a lesson to pull some of his punches, or he may never do it again. As a cameo in the credits Tom Hardy’s Venom and Eddie Brock show up. They also left quite the impact, possibly foreshadowing some events for the future. Overall I’d give the characters a 10/10, all of them being great in their own ways.


In the end, this movie was phenomenal. There was so much between the characters, amazing story, and the multiverse. I’d say it warrants a second watch, just to understand it all. This movie kept me awake and entertained the whole time, never leaving a dull moment in the full 2 hours and 28 minutes of run time. I’d personally recommend going and watching it in theaters, and I give this movie a solid 28.5/30.