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2019-2020 Staff

Caitlin Neall-Johnston

Editor of Global

Caitlin Neall-Johnston is editor of the Global section of The Daily Howl at Castaic High School. Caitlin aspires to spread awareness about global issues and encourage students to care about the world they live in, through the...

Mia Souther

Editor of Wellness

Mia Souther is the Editor of Wellness on The Daily Howl at Castaic High School. She loves speaking and writing about positivity, self-care, and all things motivational. At just 10 years old she built her first blog sharing messages...

Emily Cammarata


Emily Cammarata is the Editor of Photography of The Daily Howl at Castaic High School. She has a creative eye when it comes to taking photos, and capturing the moment in one shot. Emily decided to join journalism to have a way...

Faheem Rahman

Editor of Entertainment

Faheem Rahman is Editor of Entertainment of The Daily Howl at Castaic. She is passionate about art, film, photography, music, and fashion. Faheem explores this more with her company SparkLoveArt, where she uploads her concert p...

Ava Paulsen

Editor in chief

Ava Paulsen is Editor in chief of The Daily Howl at Castaic High School. She is passionate about exploring hidden perspectives, publishing unspoken stories, and adding more depth to the traditional high school newspaper. Ava won...

Annika Baker

Staff Writer

Annika Baker is the editor and staff writer for Castaic High School’s Events section, including sports events, games, and rallies. Although she does not want to pursue journalism specifically for her career and is rather planning...

Addison Wendling

Staff Writer

Addison Wendling is a staff writer for the Daily Howl. She has always had a passion for writing and enjoys using writing as an outlet for creativity. Addison Wendling hopes to use writing as a way to spread awareness on pressing...

Cole Dizon

Staff Writer

Cole Dizon is a staff writer for The Daily Howl, situated at Castaic High School. He is determined to refine his writing and to widen perspectives. His best pieces originate from brainstorming, incorporating methods, and going...

Makenna Hadjiandreou

Staff Writer

Makenna Hadjiandreou is Secretary and a staff writer for the passion section of The Daily Howl at Castaic High School. She aspires to write impassioned articles relevant to today's society and uncover the hidden truths behind...

Carla Velasco

Editor of Community

Carla Sophia Velasco is Editor of Community. This section will  include a variety of things such as different polls and interviews that involve Students and Staff at Castaic High School. She is passionate about staying true t...

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