What are Crystals? What do they mean?

What are Crystals? What do they mean?

Sophia Perry, Staff Writer

Crystals have become super popular over quarantine and many people have purchased them, but many might not know what they mean or do. People have been using stones and crystals since the beginning of humankind. The first use of crystals was by the Ancient Summarians for “magic formulas.” Now let’s look at some crystals and what they are used for.


Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is a very powerful healing stone. Ancient Greeks believed clear quartz was water that was frozen so deeply that it just stays frozen forever. It is usually the crystal people get when they are beginning their healing journey. It is a stone that could be helpful for meditation and it removes negativity. Clear quartz works on every part of the mind and body and can improve memory and provide clarity in thinking. It is also an amazing crystal for balancing emotions.



This is also a good stone for meditation. It is helpful if you need clarity or if you need to increase your understanding of things. It’s calming and peaceful energy can help with enhancing your intuition. It is supposed to calm the mind and reduce insomnia so you can sleep better. Amethyst is supposed to help you physically too. For example, it can help reduce bruising or swelling. 



Carnelian is a warm and joyful stone. It is a great stone to have if you ever need motivation or to be creative. This stone is supposed to help stimulate your metabolism, help your lungs, liver,kidneys, and overcome abuse. This would be an amazing crystal if you need some positive energy in your life.


Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is known as the love stone. It is meant to bring peace in relationships and open up our hearts to allow us to express emotions. It decreases stress, allowing us to give love and compassion to others easier. Not only can it help us love others, but it can help us find self-love, self-worth, and confidence. It is also used to help bring love into your life and keep your relationships healthy.



Moldavite is only recommended for people who are experienced in spirituality and crystals. Many people who use moldavite use it to “engage” in their past life. Healers use it to “clear the aura of any undesirable baggage from a past life.” Moldavite is also used to give self-awareness to people who are looking to reveal emotions or feelings that are keeping them unhappy or holding them back, even if it might hurt them. I only recommend this stone if you are ready for your eyes to completely open up and remove what’s holding you back. 


There are so many more crystals in the world that could help you and your current situation. You could get some of these at your local crystal store or even buy them online. If you are looking into buying crystals, do your research so you find the best fit for you.