A Love Letter to the Heat

An ode for when it’s hot.

Ava Paulsen, Editor In Chief

I know a lot of people
who like the weather warm
A nice 75 degrees
sun high in the sky
They can wear any outfit
and not feel a thing

Let the weather pass them by
like some summer fling

I like it hot.
The blazing heat
edging into the 90s
tickling the 100s

When the sun gets so big
it might explode
And the breeze feels like
dry steam wafting off a boiling pot

I like it hot

I love when the sun
bleaches out all feelings
You can’t be anxious or angry when you’re already melting
Sizzling and frying

I like the cook an egg on asphalt
kind of hot
The pass out after a midday walk
kind of hot

Ice cream melting down your arms
Sweaty bathing suit steaming
You’re dripping
You’re ripping your bottom off the chair cuz it’s sticking

I like the roast your thighs on a car seat
kind of hot
The nose bleeds on a summer night
kind of hot

Wear your tiniest tops and your shortest shorts
Or perhaps you can’t wear anything at all

Take your prettiest pictures
and sip on the coolest cocktails
soak up the rays when the sun basks in the sky

Remember to sunscreen—-even your feet!
Embrace the flare of a sun fever
it gives you the best sleep.

Summer naps and smelly sunscreen
Big straw hats and large water bottles
with sand grains in the caps

I like the phone overheating in your pocket
kind of hot
The butts burned after a beach nap
kind of hot

I smile my biggest on the days when my skin bronzes
and burns
Speckles and fries

Like an egg on asphalt
Roasting like your thighs on leather
Scorching like your skin staring up at the sky
Your nose dry and twitching
as you inhale the scalding air.

I know a lot of people who prefer the warm weather
Nice big sun with a sweet breeze
70s is the best forecast, they’d all agree

That’s nice, but not always for me.

I like the weather that makes you unable to think
The kind that automatically turns your cheeks pink

The days when there’s not a cloud in the sky
Where you feel so hot that you might die

Yes, your thighs will sweat on any seat
But I just love the hug of suffocating heat.

– A.P.P.