Crumbl Cookies Coming Soon


Abby LeCheminant, Staff Writer

 Crumbl Cookies is one of the fastest growing gourmet cookie companies in the nation. They specialize in baking some of the most delicious cookies you’ll ever try, and lucky for you there’s one opening here in Valencia this month! 

Crumbl Cookies is set to open two locations here in Santa Clarita very soon. The first location, in Valencia, will be having their soft opening on September 23rd. A soft opening means that the opening day won’t be as heavily advertised as other companies.

 The second location, off of the Golden Valley freeway, will be expected to open during the first quarter of next year. In addition to those two, there will also be one opening in Northridge in December. 

At the Valencia location, look forward to possibly seeing a special guest. “We’ve also scheduled a pink carpet event with somebody that was on a current TV show that will be a week after our opening,” Richard Chu, the person behind the opening of the three Crumbl Cookie locations, clues us in on a special happening just for the opening of the shop. 

Crumbl Cookies is unique unto other bakery oriented businesses because they have a weekly rotating menu of cookies. Each Sunday, four to five new flavors replace the previous week’s selection. They’ll always have their staple chocolate chip cookie and chilled sugar cookie on the menu each week, regardless of the rotation. 

Richard Chu, who was kind enough to have an interview with me, shares some of his backstory. “My first experience with Crumbl was three and a half years ago when I was visiting my family, and I just fell in love with the concept.” Chu says. “There’s something about the food business that I just love. I am very hands on in the kitchen, you know. I help my wife every night when we cook dinner.” A food enthusiast himself, it is only fitting that he is opening his own food service business. 

Chu has had many years of experience in the food industry, as he has worked in hotel restaurant management and learned the tricks and tips of the trade. “Being in the food industry is just kind of in my blood,” explains Chu. “I love the hospitality aspect of it, I love the fast paced-ness of the environment, I love people coming in and then leaving with a smile on their face, to know that you made a difference in their day.” A passionate person about this endeavor, it won’t be a huge surprise when Crumbl Cookies is successful out here in Santa Clarita. 

Already, they have seen promising outcomes. Chu was told when starting the process of opening these locations that it could be hard to find enough workers, as Crumbl had been experiencing difficulty in finding new workers. “Within a day [of putting the word out], I had like 10 people calling me,” Chu tells us. It was no problem for him to find people to hire, in fact he was even able to hire an abundance of people in order to allow for more flexible schedules. 

Orientation for the employees at the Valencia location begins on September 18th. Corporate will come and train everyone as Crumbl bakers, regardless of previous skills. Chu made sure to hire a mix of people with different levels of experience, “Together, with that mix, I feel like those that have more skill sets will be able to teach those that do not, so that they at least have a great first job experience.” The goal is to create a comfortable and kind working environment, a goal that seems to be reached. 

Make sure to mark your calendars for the opening of Crumbl Cookies, as it is already being anticipated with much excitement. September 23rd couldn’t come any faster! A huge thank you to Richard Chu for being the one to open these locations as well.