BC2M Helps Initiate Clothing Drive and Future Thrift Shop

Mia Souther, Chief of Staff, Editor of Wellness

The Bring Change to Mind Club (BC2M) is hosting a clothing drive throughout the next few months to collect items to include in the school’s new on-campus Thrift Shop.

The idea originally started with student Izabella Boggio, who then reached out to Mrs. Hermelin to make it happen. 

“So I was in the bathroom and somebody had gotten their period so I gave her my leggings for cheer,” recalls Boggio, explaining where the initial spark for the project started. 

“I had to run home at lunch to grab myself another pair before practice,” she says, which inspired her to reach out to Mrs. Hermelin with the idea for Castaic’s Thrift Shop.

For Mrs. Hermelin the ultimate goal is to “have a source on campus to support kids who either experience a clothing emergency and need a loan, or are just looking for an affordable source of fashion.”

Currently, if a student has a clothing emergency they will be provided with P.E. clothes to wear. The thrift store’s goal is to change that. P.E. clothes can draw more attention to the student causing them to feel more self-conscious. If someone experiences a clothing emergency for any reason, they should be able to feel comfortable the rest of the day in clothes that suit them. 

The thrift shop will serve multiple purposes. One of their goals is to administer a more sustainable way to shop. Bring Change to Mind wants coyotes to take a slower approach to fashion rather than participating in the toxicity of fast fashion which poses a serious threat to sustainability and does not support ethical labor. 

“We want to provide a place where we can recycle outgrown, good quality clothing, and make it easily available to our school community,” continues Hermelin. 

In the upcoming weeks, Bring Change to Mind along with Castaic High School’s Social Worker Ms. Woskanian, Principal Hagman, and Wellness Coordinator Dr. Fields will be focusing on finding a home for the thrift shop, attaining a washer and dryer, clothing racks, and more. 

So what can you do to help make this happen? Stay up to date on Bring Change to Mind’s Instagram and bring any clothes you wish to donate to the library. Stay tuned for the opening of the thrift store!