Meet Your Hoco King and Queen

Ava Paulsen and Jocelyn Rodriguez

Castaic High School’s first Homecoming King and Queen was announced at the western-themed homecoming dance on Sep. 10. The much-anticipated announcement was made an hour into the dance. 

The DJ’s music abruptly faded out as Mr. Overdevest took to the stage to declare the first ever Homecoming King and Queen of Castaic. Students whispered excitedly to each other, making their final homecoming guesses, and hoarded onto the dance floor to get the best view of the stage.

Nelson Morales, Varsity football player, won the title of Homecoming King. Sophia Crawford, ASB Vice President, was announced last as she earned the honor of Homecoming Queen. The crowd lit up and began to cheer and chant Morales’s name. The screaming erupted once more as the bedazzled silver crown was placed on Crawford’s head.

“I was really happy!” said Homecoming King, Nelson Morales. “It’s the first time I’ve ever won something like that, so it just felt really nice.”

Although, the win had a much deeper meaning for Homecoming Queen, Sophia Crawford. 

“On the surface, this whole ordeal feels so dreamlike,” said Crawford. “However, on a deeper level, this occasion is groundbreaking, especially for me.”

The Homecoming Queen explained that Castaic High School is composed of 3.2% African American students, and as the only African American a part of the court, her win meant even more. 

“I feel that my victory is especially remarkable considering that our student body is primarily hispanic or caucasian,” said Crawford. “My victory has given students of color attending our school representation and a mentality of ‘I can do it too.’ This feeling is more important to me than any title or win in my opinion.”

When it came to the motivation behind running, Morales just wanted to enjoy his night.

“I just wanted to do something fun,” said the Homecoming King. “Something, I guess, I could remember my last year of high school with.”

While for Homecoming Queen, it came as a surprise. 

“Initially, I wasn’t planning on being a part of the homecoming court, nor could I imagine it,” said Crawford. “I was randomly nominated by our student body!”

On an even more shocking note, Crawford did not expect herself to win.

“I truly believed that I received the least amount of votes,” said the Homecoming Queen. “I didn’t even vote for myself. I made sure that I didn’t get my hopes up too high, so that I could at least enjoy the rest of my first and last HOCO if I had lost.”

But there was no need to manage expectations because Sophia was crowned homecoming Queen! Now the question becomes, what about Prom Court?

“I wasn’t planning on running ‘til I read the question,” admitted Morales. “So I guess now I probably will run.”

As for Crawford, she claimed that she “already had her time to shine!”

To conclude the celebration of the homecoming court, a traditional slow dance commenced. Both the King and Queen swayed to the sound of Perfect by Ed Sheeran; a classic romantic song played at nearly every school dance. 

The homecoming win for our King and Queen was the cherry on top of this huckleberry pie-filled wild western night!