A Libra vs. The College Admissions Process


Courtesy of Canva

College Application Paper

Mia Souther, Chief of Staff, Editor of Wellness

The first two years of high school I was naïve

thinking I wouldn’t have to scramble to figure out my dreams

I would just stare at the screen

With no future to face

Now I stare straight into her eyes

And try and forget about her pride


My relatives are strangers to the phrase “how are you”

Jumping to the greeting of 

“What colleges are you applying to”


So now I send my love letter to colleges afire

For I’ve wanted to attend since I was young

But now that I am almost here 

I wonder when did that spark disappear? 

And if they just want my money

Then why do they strip me of my sanity

I guess I must swallow the pill because I am not a cat

With nine lives to live

There is no test drive

Into this landslide

That I stand wide-eyed in


Perhaps I’m just a Libra 

Who are notoriously indecisive

But lives in her visions

With hope that the future 

will just fall into place 

If I give myself grace