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Sienna Harris, Staff Writer

Sienna Harris—a sophomore at Castaic High School—is a staff writer responsible for the community-related articles in The Daily Howl. She aspires to someday soon compose a book related to the political division in the United States that would also focus on how teens her age are making impacts in their communities. One of her greatest accomplishments relevant to journalism is having an article featured in The Signal, tackling what it was like for her and her dance studio to perform on the red carpet premiere of Ghostbusters in 2016. She treasures credible information and therefore is passionate about producing accurate and student-voiced articles for The Daily Howl. Harris is also very much an optimist and enjoys all things related to creativity and liberal arts. She claims that John Green is her biggest, yet most cliche, inspiration of an author because of the way his writing has the ability to change one’s perspective on the world. Finally, Sienna values leadership as the treasurer of the Castaic Associated Student Body and believes that writing should be used both as art and to expand one’s knowledge and personal values.

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Sienna Harris