ASB Executives: The Leaders of the Pack

As the year comes to an end, it is important to recognize the student leaders of the Castaic High School campus. Associated Student Body (ASB) works diligently to run activities, plan dances, and organize our awesome spirit days. Using their creative skills, they design posters to inform every student about events happening on campusus. The campus would not be the same without their help. Every student in ASB works diligently to make everything happen, but we have special people to thank.

Isiuwa Aimiuwu is Castaic High School’s ASB student president. She joined her freshman year and has been a part of the pack for all four years. 

I wanted to build and cultivate my leadership skills at a more advanced level,” explained Aimiuwu. She accomplished so many things including successfully planning and putting on Castaic High School’s first prom. ASB helped Aimiuwu improve key life skills including time management, communicating with peers, and delegation. While in ASB, she encouraged herself to take on public speaking roles to get more comfortable speaking in front of crowds.                            

As the vice president, Sophia Crawford shares executive roles with Aimiuwu. She has also been in ASB for all four years, and has helped successfully plan and accomplish three school dances, many rallies, and created an encouraging environment here at Castaic High School. Joining ASB was always in the cards for her.

  I adore being a part of a group of people that think like me and want to achieve the same goals,” shared Crawford. 

Being in a leadership position, Crawford believes she is further prepared to interact in a post-high school environment. 

“ASB has taught me to work effectively with others, how to communicate, and how to have an open mind,” added Crawford. “I plan to apply these same skills to my future career.”

Faheem Rahman holds the pack together being secretary of ASB for all four years of high school. She was in ASB during middle school and wanted to help Castaic High School host special events. Rahman has some great experiences in ASB and looks forward to using what she has learned in the real world. 

I also learned amazing software skills from Canva, to Google Suites,” said Rahman, “And even advertising and marketing strategies that’ll help me in my industry.” 

Being a part of ASB has been a wonderful experience for Faheenm Rahman.

I’ve met some of my best friends from seniors to freshmen,” Rahman recounted. “[I’ve] gained so much perspective on who I am and what I love.”

She describes ASB as having a comfortable environment where everyone wants to create a bond with each other. 

Sienna Harris is the ASB treasurer, she handles the student store and budgets, as well as planning events and raising money. Being in ASB requires responsibility, but she has taken it in stride and has become a leader who helped shape our campus. As treasurer, I frequently find myself reaching out to vendors for our events,” said Harris. “I think ASB has definitely played a role in developing my social skills.” 

 Harris describes her experience in ASB as a close family. She is grateful to have been taught the importance of bonding with her peers.

I’ve become really close with people I never would have expected to be friends with, thanks to ASB,” said Harris. “The program is just so unified and I love it.”

Many new leaders have made the 22-23 school year go by smoothly. As the executive student board graduates we wish them the best of luck. Being in ASB all four years is a huge commitment, yet they showed up time and time again, never letting down their peers. Going off into the world they will be well equipped to accomplish great things. 

“Being able to learn from other’s perspectives and experiences opened my eyes to what leadership really was,” said Rahman. “Not to serve your own wants but others’ needs.”