Student Care Line: How Castaic is Prioritizing Safety

Kristen Catterson, Staff Writer

Mr. Ferry, Castaic’s brand-new principal, has switched up a few things on campus—including stressing the importance of contacting the care line. The Castaic High School Student Care Line, accessible through [email protected], is available for students to submit any concerns or questions they may have for administration. 

“There should be a poster hanging in every classroom. Right now that’s the only way to access it, but I am looking into making that a texting phone number…I’m just trying to look at ease of use right now,” commented Mr. Ferry. 

Having increased convenience and availability for the care line—via texting in place of emailing—could potentially enlarge the amount of students contacting it. A student body that is aware, careful, and mindful of others should be able to report on-campus issues with familiarity and ease. One of Mr. Ferry’s main takeaways was that students remember the care line exists, and they are comfortable using it.

The care line handles a spectrum of concerns.

“It’s so broad, its purpose. I’d rather have a student overuse it than not use it,” pointed out Mr. Ferry. “But obviously if you’re having issues with someone and you need an adult to intervene, that’s a good use for it. If you’re seeing a change in a friend’s behavior, that’s a great way to use the student care line.” 

However, students seeking mental health resources will be redirected to a disciplined professional. 

“It’s administrators on the other end…it goes to all of our email addresses. I’m someone to talk to, but I’m not a trained therapist. But you do want Mr. Ferry to listen to you, and to connect you to the appropriate resources you need,” noted the principal. 

While the principal may not be able to aid all students personally due to varying situations, he can contact the suitable professionals most equipped to handle each students’ case. Castaic High School offers a variety of resources for mental health, including on-campus therapists, psychologists, counselors, social workers, and a school-resource officer. Students can always stop by the Zen Den for a few minutes of relaxation, too!

Mr. Ferry appears to be focused on improving the wellness of Castaic students and looking out for anyone needing help. Don’t hesitate to contact the care line!