Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Review

Aidan Comfort, Staff Writer

Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga is a massive game which lets you play through the 6 Star Wars movies and has sold 15.29 million copies as of 2017, only rising as the years went on. It was the best selling Lego game ever, only being surpassed by Lego Super Heroes in 2017. Since its 2007 release date, five more movies have been released and seven shows. These introduce a bunch of new and interesting characters. Many people waited to be able to play the sequels and characters from their favorite shows. The 15 year long wait is over, and now Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga has been released, and it came out with a bang. There are three important factors that make a good game, gameplay, graphics, and story. All will be rated out of ten and then added up to give a total rating out of thirty. 

Story is something most games tell one that gives it a sense of realism and depth, whether that be direct or indirect. While Lego Star Wars isn’t original, it’s fantastic. It does an amazing job of retelling the story of Star Wars while giving it that Lego humor. It has all nine Star Wars movies in it, remaking them nearly perfectly while letting you enjoy the movie, able to replay it over and over in freeplay with any character. Over all, it’s a great story that’s timeless and never ceases to amaze. Easy 10/10 on the story.

Gameplay is the name of the game, pun intended. It’s one of the most important components that really gives the game life and interaction. This game has a lovely system of gameplay, definitely improving on the original gameplay of smashing the x button over and over. Here you have to make combos, use the force, aim your blasters, and so much more. The puzzles are also integral, being a good amount of the game. These obstacles are fairly easy, though they do make you think and look around your environment. In the end, this game has many great gameplay aspects that really make it unique, and a true upgrade to an already wonderful game. This game is a definite 10/10 in this area, being absolutely fantastic.

Graphics are always a big deciding factor in a game’s quality. People wonder if they are up to modern standards, realistic, etc. When I went into this, I did not expect much, it’s a Lego game after all. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw it actually had pretty good graphics. The very smooth, perfect look of The Skywalker Saga was very appealing. There’s also really nice lighting, giving the characters the feel of perfection, as if they’re freshly built right out of a lego set. This game also includes a lot of small details, such as the environment interacting, making your character messier, and being able to shoot off stormtrooper helmets. But the character designs really shine, making a great Lego representation of the actual characters in the game. In my opinion, every adaptation is perfect and it even brings back references from the original game, earning it another 10/10.

This was definitely a really good game, getting extremely high ratings all across the board. This lego game is an absolute masterpiece, giving hours of Lego fun and replayability to find all of the hidden rooms, ships, and items. In the end, this game is a perfect score, getting a 30/30. If you want to play, it’s $60 dollars for the base game and $70 for the ultimate edition, giving you all of your favorite characters from other shows and movies.