Food Review: Foster Freeze

Aidan Comfort, Staff Writer

Locally, there are a lot of restaurants. You have McDonald’s, Carl’s Jr, Starbucks, Dominos, Subway, Panda Express, Mike’s Diner, and more. But one that really sticks out from the rest is Fosters Freeze. It’s a large franchise but the restaurant itself is family-owned, it’s owned by a mother, father, and their two sons. The restaurant has been open since 1946 and it has been serving delicious food since. So I went to the restaurant to get some food, though I got something different than what I usually get. 

I got the Bigg Boss Meal (large)which consists of one Bigg Boss Burger, one large waffle fry or onion ring, and a medium to large fountain drink or ice cream. My personal order was one Bigg Boss Burger, a large waffle fry, and one brownie parfait. Starting with the main part of the dish, the burger was delicious. The patty was amazing and the burger wasn’t flat, it was big and loaded with sauce, onion rings, bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and I personally opted to have it without pickles. Next was the fries which was my second favorite part of the meal, beat out only by the ice cream. The fries were amazing, being flavorful and crunchy. But they aren’t crunchy like the fries at the bottom of the packaging like at McDonald’s, they were crisp, freshly made, and still hot out of the frier.  Then to the final part of the meal, the ice cream (I got the Brownie Parfie). It was amazing, the fudge being hot, the ice cream being nice and chilly to contrast. The brownie that topped it was fudge and delicious, being nice and warm, like a homemade brownie.

Overall, I was really happy with it. Though, to get an opinion on both sides of the meal, I had my dad assist me. “The onion rings were crispy and the Pepsi was better than any other Pepsi I’ve personally had,” he said after eating the alternative to my meal, besides the burger of course. So, overall, I would give Foster Freeze a 10/10. The place has amazing ice cream, amazing service, and amazing food. It is family owned so they need as much business as possible, so please go check it out!