From Zooms to Classrooms


Citlaly Gonzalez, Staff Writer

For many of us March 13, 2020, is now a significant day, this marks our last day of school before the covid-19 pandemic struck and our lives would change completely. The two weeks off would then turn into three, four, and suddenly fifty-two, a year. 

Classes done through video calls became our new normal. Accidentally leaving our microphones on, falling asleep during class, or spacing out became a routine for us students.

The Fall semester of the 2021-2022 school year for many of us will be the first one back since last year. Though hybrid learning options were available for the fourth quarter of last year, a majority of students decided to stay home.

As students, teachers, and staff of the school we are all adjusting to changes caused by the pandemic. From wearing masks to constantly sanitizing our hands, these are our new norms.

The transition from online to in-person has taken a toll on many of us. Whether it be not feeling prepared, simply not knowing what to expect, or having high expectations, we all have a variety of opinions. Some students are more than excited to be back at school while others are not. Being back at school means a return to what is considered the high school experience. Events such as rallies, dances, sports games, and socialization are what make up our high school experiences and have ultimately been stolen from us due to the pandemic. 


The effects caused by the environment in which students learn in varies. Some students prefer online learning while others would rather learn in the classroom. Those who thrive in the classroom found distance learning to be difficult while those who don’t do as well in person found online school to be easier. Overall studies have shown that as a whole student performance online rather than in person didn’t have much of a difference. Academic outcomes ultimately depend on the student and differ between each person.

This school year will be a year of adjustments and new experiences for students across the globe, and yet another where the end of the covid-19 pandemic continues to be unknown.