Scary Stories

Carlos Quintanar, Staff Writer

Story #1

Icy fingers gripped my arm from the darkness and then several more broke free from the dark boundaries. They grappled onto me and pulled me into the menacing darkness, but I resisted and clung to a metal bar sticking out of the cracked wall. I peeled off as many hands as I could but more kept coming and the dark mist slithered forward. My blade was a few feet away from my current location, reflecting the moonlight off the side of its blade. I stretched and twisted until my fingers were scraping the hilt. I managed to pull it closer and finally I took it in my grasp. So I began slicing the hands left and right. Fingers, bones, and flesh flew everywhere. I began to move away from the remains until dark tendrils flew at me, crushing my sword and covering every inch of my body. The tendrils began to drag me towards the inching darkness. The tendrils began to spread towards my head covering everything. 


Story #2

The gravestones stood silently, row upon row like soldiers long forgotten, then a shrill cry broke the silence. I looked around and was unable to find the source of the cry and so I continued my pace. The cry stopped and the silence continued for some time until the cry pierced the air once more and this time it didn’t stop, it seemed to get louder. I began to quicken my pace hoping the cry would disappear but, it didn’t and by this point, I began to go mad. I started frantically searching the area around me hoping to find the source and I did. There was a lady at the end of the row of tombstones, barely visible, running towards me. I automatically sprinted towards the gate. I made the mistake of looking back, the woman was running on all fours and she was catching up. Her cry had not stopped and it made my ears hurt. My vision soon began to go blurry and I collapsed. The last thing I remember is the face of the woman. Her hair was burnt in some areas and her eyes were sunken. And then I blacked out.


Story #3

I walked down the street, the cool autumn wind blowing through my hair. Jack-o-lanterns stationed at every home, watching me as I pass by. The moon’s lights reveal me to everyone but I continue my march. I begin to hear small thuds, I look back and no ones there. I continued my pace for a while when I heard the sound again, this time it was multiplied. Thud, thud, thud, thud. I glance back and I find the jack-o-lanterns have followed me. I act as if I didn’t see anything and continue but I begin to walk a little faster. Thud, thud, thud, thud, thud. The sound follows me everywhere. I’m a few blocks away from my home if I sprint I’m sure I can make it. I walk until I can see my house and then I charge. I have never ran so fast before, my legs are burning and my lungs are hurting. I continue until I open the door, close it, and lock it. I then proceed to lock every door that leads outside and close all the windows. I go up to my bedroom and peek out the window. I freeze instantly, there are no more jack-o-lanterns in their place. There is a tall hooded man waving to me holding a scythe. I blink and he disappears.