Melina Sanchez, Staff Writer

This conspiracy theory is about the show The Flintstones. The Flintstones was a cartoon that aired back into the 1960s about a family that lived in prehistoric times, or did they? What if the Flintstones actually lived in the future. What? They lived like cavemen. Well, what if there was a nuclear war, and what if the Flintstones were just one of the many families that had to start over. Considering how the show was created around the time of the Cold War, and this was why Americans were terrified of Russia sending a nuclear attack. Therefore, maybe the show’s creators were inspired by that and thought about what it would be like if society had to start from scratch? This would explain why the Flintstones were doing modern-day activities. Look at this picture of the Flintstones, creating a record player out of a bird and a stone. Now, if this is a prehistoric “cave” family, how do they even know what a record is? How do they know what a record machine looks like? How would they know to create one? Not only that, they have TVs made out of rocks. They have Christmas trees and Christmas parties. How do they even know what Christmas is? They have banks and fake money. They even at one point put on wigs and played guitar and pretended to be The Beatles. Well, is that because all of these things were what they knew before the war? Are they trying to recreate society as they remembered it? Many of you guys are probably thinking; I don’t know, Melina, you’re overthinking this. The show creators were possibly having fun with adding as many creative details as they could, and they’re like, “Oh, it’ll be so funny to see elephant trunks that are also a vacuum and a shower,” but it’s bigger than that. The show creators were brilliant and wanted to depict what life would become if war began. This could still happen with what’s going on in the world right now, so get ready to be watching Youtube videos on a rock.