Our Bright Sides in Quarantine

Our Bright Sides in Quarantine

Carla Velasco, Editor of Community

As everyone knows we have been put into quarantine for the COVID-19 outbreak. Hopefully, everyone is healthy and staying safe. As a result, we are doing distance learning for the rest of the year. Quarantine has been a struggle for many as they have to adjust from their normal classes to distance learning. It has also brought time to learn new things and spend more time with family. To bring some light into this situation, here is what some students are enjoying most about this time. Including a picture of their set-up, or of what they enjoy. 



Kristen Catterson

“My favorite part about this time in quarantine has been getting to sleep in.”



Deigo Spross

“What I like most about distance learning is that you are able to do things at your own pace, normally if you are in class you have to do things by then, but in distance learning you can take your time and you are relaxed doing school work.



Micayla Darland

“My favorite part about quarantine is facetime with my friends more often”




Anika Sta. Maria

“For me, I love learning new things. When we were at school, I never had an opportunity to focus on other things. Now that we’re at home all the time now, I can learn how to do stuff I didn’t know how to normally, like making origami, tie knots, and sew.”



Tara Hofman 

“My favorite memory of quarantine so far was when I got to see my older sister and deliver Easter baskets.”





Mason William

“For distance learning, my favorite part is that there is more opportunity to do more stuff. When you finish everything, you have the rest of the day. Also, I love how there’s no rush to get the work done and how we have more time than the actual period.”