ASB | How They Operate

Cole Dizon, Staff Writer

The Associated Student Body at Castaic High School is the stepping stone for all school-related activities. They prepare, organize, and initiate all events, approve clubs, and assist with funding. The common mission of any ASB is focusing on the individual by making students the priority. However, our ASB redefines that format by shifting the belief, causing the members to give precedence to others rather than themselves. As a result, ASB acts as a pillar for the community and other members, ensuring that its student body is constantly on task with character building, service booster, and self-focusing being reduced to a minimal belief.  Additionally, they are evenly separated into divisions that accommodate a portion of all events. Designated as S.O.D.A teams, which are abbreviated as Sound & Spirit, Outreach, Design and Activities, each division has an assigned captains and lieutenants which rotate around and give direction and leadership to all teams; while managers and co-managers specialize in their respective S.O.D.A teams and are expected to complete any task provided.

First and foremost, Sound & Spirit involves selecting the proper music for rallies and other events such as dances or festivals. Their music choices suit the ambiance of the event along with playing the music which would play during the traditional cheerleader performance, enacted before the main event of a rally. Furthermore, Sound & Spirit has the prominent assignment of choosing an empowering speaker capable of uniting the audience. Therefore, Sound & Spirit is responsible for creating the general atmosphere for rallies and events with their concise and careful selection of music and candidates. On top of that, Sound & Spirit enacts the planning and ideas established by the Activities Team, executing it smoothly and carefully. For example, during the second rally of CHS history, Family Feud was the main attraction. The announcer excitedly narrated the event, with the assistance of music. Further, Sound & Spirit brainstorms for spirit days and formats the script for rallies and produces the commercials for Instagram.

Secondly, Outreach has a significant mantle of distributing advertisements or posters for upcoming occasions. In addition, Outreach distributes advertisements that promotes events by building excitement and tension for the community, amplifying the overall atmosphere for the occasion when it finally occurs. For instance, advertisements placed in crucial locations such as the cafeteria line and on the doors of classrooms grab the attention of students, resulting in them giving thought and consideration.  Promotion of events is another prominent role that the Outreach team adopts, they also assemble the online flyers or digital advertisements that are often viewed online. 

Thirdly, the Design team’s duty is pivotal as they design the advertisements and posters which will eventually be issued all around the campus by the Outreach team. Moreover, they construct the designs of decorations commonly found at events or in the Student Store. Their work requires extreme concentration and focus when drawing the sketches for the posters, clearing away any imperfections with the advertisements, and often revising them, until they have completed the final product. To illustrate this, they design and make the concepts and ideas from the Activities team a reality and commences them through the events.

Finally, the Activities team brainstorm the main activity at a rally or the games at a festival. In like manner, the Activities team elaborate on its functionality and its quality. In coalition with all the teams, it allows elucidation on the activity with a powerful speaker, accompanied with music, it is structured by the Design team, and enhanced by the Outreach team. The schedule of our rallies and the Friday activities that typically occur are managed by the Activities te, all to perform the best entertainment and fun for the Coyotes of Castaic High School. 

 In conclusion, ASB’s foundation, which is composed of unique ideals and goals that is exclusive to us, heightens others and their performance through the intervention of aspiring students. ASB has 4 subsidiary teams, which all resemble a piece on a Chessboard, completing their roles in a coordinated and coherent manner. At the end of the day, ASB insists that “Leadership starts with you, but it’s not about you.” Correspondingly, accomplishing their goals and plans gives the coyotes something to look forward to at every turn and corner of the school’s history.. 




What is the common, collective goal that ASB wants to achieve?


Grace Kelley | ASB Officer – President

“The common goal that all of us in ASB want to achieve is mainly just making high school an enjoyable experience for all different types of high school students, like no matter who you are. We want to make sure you have a fun experience with your friends and just get a memorable time here at Castaic High School.”

Zander Grable | ASB Officer – Vice President

“Well, for my team, I’m captain of Outreach and we just want to get everyone in the community to know what’s going on at our school, Design makes posters, Sound & Spirit just hypes everyone up during games and activities, and then Activities just promotes ideas.” 

Faheem Rahman | ASB Officer – Secretary

“Creating a good school culture.” 

Mason Williams | ASB Officer – Treasurer

“We want to get the school to be positive, make sure the campus is clean, safe, and feels like a second home for some students.”