Family Feud: Student Rally

Makenna Hadjiandreou, Staff Writer

Our second official rally of the school year kicked off at the end of January! In a competition modeled after the hit show, Family Feud teachers and students faced off against each other to win the grand prize of a brand new (Hot wheels) car. To kick off the start of the rally, our fabulous cheerleaders performed a superb routine complete with a pyramid, backflips and more! After a round of applause for our fellow students, both teachers and students were called up to the center of the small gym to participate in Castaic’s version of Family Feud. Hosted by ASB officer and cheerleader Micayla Darland, our contestants were required to elaborate on some of the most pressing inquiries of our generation. As the competition escalated, our teachers were spurred on by an animated Mr. Marcucilli who entertained the crowd with his wild and enthusiastic show of support. The thunder of feet stomping and ecstatic cheering filled the small gym as students stacked on the bleachers showed their support for their fellow peers.
Our esteemed contestants for the teacher’s side included Mrs. Avanessian, Mr. Overdevest, Mr. Whitney, Ms. Chaney, and Mr. Brusca. Our determined competitors for the student’s side consisted of Matthew Airhart, Tyler Brunson, Trinity Stark, Jacob Elliot, Annika Mailey Sta. Maria. Representatives for either side of the competition were called up to the podium and asked a question relating to school life. Our host, Micayla Darland, requested that Mr. Whitney and Trinity Stark step up to the podium as the initial representatives for their team. A buzzer device located in front of each contestant would determine which contestant could think of a possible answer in the shortest possible time and press the buzzer to indicate that they are the first to receive a chance to answer the question. As soon as both contenders were ready, the competition began! The first question presented to both contestants was “What are some items that students are most likely to lose?” Unfortunately for the students, Mr. Whitney pressed the buzzer almost immediately after the question was revealed, therefore earning his team the first opportunity to answer the question. Mr. Whitney responded with “phone” as a common item students were most likely to lose. As luck would have it, “phone” was included on the lineup of possible items students often misplace and the teachers were given the option to play on.
In turn, each teacher responded with their best guesses as to which items students are most likely to lose and eventually scored the first point of the game. Enraged, the crowd on the bleachers greeted the teachers’ success with boos and hisses. After they settled, the next two contestants were summoned to the podium and presented with the question: “What are some phrases that parents often say that their children pretend not to hear?” Fortunately for the students, they were given the opportunity to present their answer first. “Do the dishes” was an eligible reply since it fell under the category of “do your chores” and the student side accepted their chance to play on. After nearly losing their chance to score following two misguesses, the students gained a point for their side. The game should have ended with a spectacular tie between both sides; consequently, the teachers emerged victorious as a result of obtaining less misguesses than the students. As a result of their win, each teacher acquired a shiny, new, orange Hot Wheels car.
All in all, our second rally of the school year was a success. Both our teachers and students enjoyed participating in a friendly competition that helped shape the culture of the years (and rallies) to come. Now, we anxiously await the next rally to occur on April 17th: the Eighth Grade Spring Rally!