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Olivia Rodrigo Spills Her GUTS


Olivia Rodrigo has taken the world by storm with her debut album, GUTS released on September 8th, which is highly anticipated among all ages after her hit singles “Drivers License” and “Good 4 U.” The album showcases the artist’s impressive songwriting skills and vocal ranges, as she takes listeners on a journey through her themes of heart-break, nostalgia, and self-discovery through the sounds of teenage girl angst, 90’s grunge punk that is a repeating theme among her albums. In this review, we will touch on all tracks and explore the emotions and experiences that inspired these songs.

     1. All-American B***h

 “All American B***H” is a grungy song that speaks about the pressures that many women feel to conform to societal standards. Olivia sings about feeling conflicted about fitting in and how it can be exhausting. She touches on the idea that women are often expected to act in a certain way, and how this pressure can become overwhelming, but are thus supposed to look fine and unbothered.

     2. Bad Idea, RIght?

This song is a satire about Olivia’s ex-boyfriend but the lyrics turned into something much more powerful. The instrumental in the background of the chorus is a representation of Olivia’s frustration with her “Hot N Cold” emotions about her ex as her screams get louder and louder. In the song, Olivia lies to her friends, who beg her to not go back because it’s a certified “Bad Idea.’ The lyrics illustrate her internal thoughts as she wonders if the pair can rekindle their relationship.

     3. Vampire

“Vampire” is a track that portrays the immense pain and exhaustion that comes from being in a toxic relationship. Not only do the lyrics describe her pain deliberately but the tone in which she sings the song shows how drained and powerless she feels. She portrays the idea that she might just break down into tears as she exclaims “I’ve made some real big mistakes, but you make the worst ones look fine.” Olivia uses metaphorical imagery to describe how this person has truly sucked the life out of her. The song is a powerful reflection on the importance of liberating yourself from toxic relationship dynamics. 

     4. Lacy

“Lacy” is a song that addresses feelings of envy and romantic obsession. Olivia is seen comparing herself to a woman throughout the song. She’s extremely intimidated by her and realizes that she’s become infatuated with her. Rodrigo touches on the idea that sometimes we can become so obsessed and jealous of how someone carries themselves that we want to completely worship them and we don’t even realize it.

    5. Ballad of a Homeschooled Girl 

This song is a relatable track for anyone who has struggled with social anxiety or felt as if they just couldn’t fit in with the crowd.  She repeatedly touches on her intense fear of FOMO as she sings about hating her clothes, laughing at the wrong times, and googling how to flirt. She states in her lyrics how the struggle of social cues is real and so is the anxiety that comes with it. She expresses the social stumbles that can come with being a homeschooled kid. She wraps her feelings up with her grungy guitar, dark humor, and annoyed voice. This song is a depiction of the challenges of growing up and trying your very best to fit in.

    6. Making The Bed 

This track is a self-reflective song that deals with the pressures of fame and the realization that sometimes we are responsible for our unhappiness. Olivia reflects on her decreasing satisfaction with her mainstream success and with the state of her life in general. She realizes that she only has herself to blame for the way she is feeling.

     7. Logical

“Logical” is an emotional track that examines the irrational nature of love and how it can leave us feeling powerless and hopeless. Olivia falls deep into her vulnerability and self-blame as she reflects on a relationship clouded by immense manipulation and deceit. The song is an overall reminder that healthy love isn’t always something that you can ensure between two lovers. 

     8. Get Him Back!

 The next song in the album “Get Him Back!” will resonate with many people. Rodrigo sings about how she wants to win back her ex and decides to do it in a more sinister manner by making him jealous of her. This song captures the desperation a lover can feel when wanting somebody to come back into your life. 

     9.  Love is Embarrassing 

This track is a heartfelt reflection on self-positivity and the pressure to conform to physical expectations at a young age. She expresses her secondhand embarrassment with herself after prioritizing and valuing her lover. A relationship that was not worth all the effort she put in. She emphasizes this during the bridge where she sings, “that he isn’t worth anything, a loser who is not worth mentioning.”

     10. The Grudge 

“The Grudge” is a melancholic song that dives into the emotional turmoil that Rodrigo is experiencing again in a relationship. The song reflects on Olivia’s torn feelings between being backstabbed along with her conflicted emotions. Throughout the song she expresses the want to “let it go” and no longer dwell on the things this person has done to her. Nonetheless, she still has some sort of love and care left for them, not allowing her to completely move on. The song is slow, with its gloomy piano melodies setting a poignant mood that perfectly complements the emotional depths of Oliva’s lyrics. 

     11. Pretty isn’t Pretty

“Pretty Isn’t Pretty” is a powerful track that sheds light on the unrealistic expectations placed on women in society. Olivia reflects on the pressure to conform to physical expectations and how it can leave us feeling inadequate. The song is a powerful reminder that beauty standards are phony and don’t define our worth.

      12. Teenage Dreams

“Teenage Dreams” is a slow track that symbolizes a slow end to the album. Olvia asks the question repetitively “Does it get better the more you grow?” The song illustrates the complex journey of growing up under the pressure of musicians constantly having to top their previous work. When listening to this song, many listeners can most likely relate to it in their own manner, having so much pressure and standards built on top of them. Overall, the song shows the immense fear one feels of not being able to do better than what you have achieved in the past. 

Olivia Rodrigo’s Album “GUTS” is a powerful collection of tracks that showcase the harsh and grim feelings that everyone goes through. From the pressures that women feel in “All-American B***h” and “Lacy” to the emotional turmoil of toxic relationships in “Vampire” and “The Grudge,” Olvia’s lyrics are honest, genuine, and raw, drawing her listeners in with her relatability. GUTS is an absolute must-listen for anyone who appreciates great music, honest storytelling, and a good cry. 

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