Performing and Visual Arts Senior Spotlight


Tyler Baker, Copy Editor

With the end of the year quickly approaching, seniors around campus have finally faced the reality of having to say goodbye to their high school careers. The various arts programs offered at Castaic High School have given students a chance to express themselves and set the stage for the classes of students to come.

In the past four years, Good Morning Castaic and video production have had a continuously growing community presence on campus. Seniors Christopher Casey and Torrin Reichers share their experiences as the founding leaders of GMC.

“There isn’t a moment that I am most proud of, there are too many. In our first year of GMC, we started our production in an English classroom,” Reichers expressed.

“One accomplishment that I am most proud of in my GMC/Video Production career is being able to go to the Student Television Network Convention with my crew and winning awards for our program to get more national recognition,” says Casey. The Student Television Network, or STN, is a convention where students compete in different categories based on film and video production. 

“We all had such an amazing time together and we became closer as a group. I wouldn’t change any of those experiences for the world,” stated Reichers. 

Now, GMC has a brand new, high-tech studio. This semester, video production and GMC have been able to film using their new equipment. 

“Although we aren’t going to have the time to use the completed studio for long, I am happy that everything went down the way it did,” Reichers said, “I learned more in these 4 years than I have throughout my entire career.”

Incoming GMC members will be tasked with carrying on these students’ legacies, as well as continuing the weekly show, podcast, and other endeavors.

“Don’t be discouraged because other people are producing videos you think are unachievable. Work closely with these people, learn from them, and believe in yourself,” advises Reichers.”If you stay consistent, you can achieve anything you put your mind to. Nothing is out of reach.”

The choir has been an exponentially growing program and the pride of many seniors’ high school careers. Christene Seifert, a senior and this year’s choir president, has been a member of the Castaic High School choir since its establishment in 2019.

“When we started out, it was just me and four or five other people, and it honestly was a struggle to keep up with other choirs who are much bigger and more experienced,” Seifert expressed. “But as years have gone on, we’ve had a steady growth in members, and are much more invested in the experience and have connected much more with singing, which I am incredibly proud of.” 

As the choir grows from its few founding members, incoming freshmen will be introduced to an opportunity to join a community filled with talented singers and friendly faces.

“Never be scared to make mistakes,” Steifert advises the next class of freshmen and underclassmen. “In choir, it’s really easy to get into your head, and feel threatened by more experienced voices, or doubt yourself, and you get really paranoid about messing up. But honestly, just being able to own it, and not judge others for doing the same, just helps you learn and grow so much more, and uplifts not only you but others around you.”

This year, the choir has been extremely successful, even earning a superior score (the highest score achievable in their division) during one of their festival competitions. Thursday was their last performance on campus, but if you still want to listen before the senior class is sent off, they will be performing at graduation on June 1st. 

Aside from performing arts, seniors have also had the opportunity to express themselves through fine arts as well, whether that be painting, drawing, or other forms of creation. Tyler Baker, AP Studio Art student and president of Castaic’s Art Club, shares her experience in the fine arts program at Castaic High School.

“Being involved in the arts has allowed me to accomplish some of the things I’m most proud of in my high school career, especially being Art Club president this year,” Baker says,” I really enjoyed getting to bond with my friends over our shared interests, and to grow my skills as an artist through peer critique and activities that tested my skills.”

The arts program is ever-growing at Castaic High School, and with an influx of new students, Baker and many other Seniors strive for the following generations of students to build upon its untapped potential.

“If I could give advice to the freshmen, or anyone interested in any form of fine arts, it would be to just give it a try and put yourself out there,” Baker enthused, “No one is perfect, even those you might compare your skills to. It’s important to practice and desire to make progress, but it’s equally – if not more– important to be kind to yourself.”

As the year comes to a close, seniors leave behind a path forged for the next class, and an endless well of untapped potential for the generations to come. The arts on campus haven’t failed to offer us all communities, fast tracks to future job opportunities, or simply just outlets to have fun. With a bittersweet farewell, the class of 2023 leaves these beloved programs in the hands of the Castaic seniors-to-be.