Castaic Highschool’s First Ever Prom!


Tayla Salazar, Staff Writer

On April 15, Castaic High School held its first prom in the school’s history! A majority of upperclassmen attended as over 450 tickets were sold. 

Students arrived early to go through the security checkpoint. Families gathered in the Coyote Bowl anxiously awaiting for the promenade to begin. Slowly, students made their way down the red carpet showing off their breathtaking formal attire. Post-promenade, students hopped on their designated bus, ready to head to the venue. 

The hour bus ride looked different for every group. Most spent the ride taking pictures of their prom looks, napping, fixing their hair/makeup, or playing games on their phones. 

Another red carpet greeted students at the venue, it was clear everyone felt like royalty entering the astonishing Casa Vertigo in downtown Los Angeles. O’Connor Photography immediately started capturing pictures of our students. The open layout made it feel like you never had to leave the party as the seating area and dance floor were side by side. The tables were candle lit making for the perfect ambiance to enjoy the delectable dinner and dessert options. The catered food options offered were salad, grilled chicken, rice, dinner rolls, and pasta. The buffet-style plating gave students the option to pick whatever they desired. 

The balcony level consisted of more seating options, a cotton candy machine, the O’Connor Photography studio, and a selection of retro arcade games.

From the seating areas, you could see the stellar strobe lights beaming across the dance floor. The ambiance was all different types of perfection. Photo booths, backdrops, and props make the already meaningful pictures even more special. The music, the lighting, as well as most of the decorations that set the tone for the entire night were overseen and provided by SOS Entertainment. 

“Lit. Crazy. Movie.” says junior, Bryan Salazar.

There were so many activities to fill up the night. Poker tables and Blackjack lined the outskirts of the dance floor. 

The DJ was amazing at making sure there was something for everyone from Taylor Swift to Xxxtentacion. “Party In the USA” by Miley Cyrus and “La Chona” by Los Tucanes de Tijuana were obvious favorites. The strobe lights matched the beat of each song making the aesthetic just right. The dance floor had unmatched energy, with students constantly forming dance circles and the occasional mosh pit. Our principal, Mr. Ferry even made an appearance in the dance circle to show off his groovy moves. 

“My favorite part of prom was seeing Mr. Brusca break it down on the dance floor,” says senior Mackenzie Wise.  

As the night progressed, students headed back to the dining area to enjoy their choice of cookies, brownies, and candy. 

Around 9:30 the music faded and Mr. Overdevest encouraged students to make their way to the dance floor to witness the crowning of Castaic High School’s first-ever prom court. 

The remarkable prom court of the 2023 class consisted of six candidates for both prom king and queen. Diego Spross, Imudiase Aimiuwu, Josh Guzman, Sean Deme, Torrin Reichers, and Zander Grable were all candidates for prom king. Grace Kelly, Isiuwa Aimiuwu, Mackenzie Wise, Macy Clark, Micayla Darland, and Sienna Harris were prom queen candidates. 

With an immensely supportive court, Imudiase Aimiuwu and Isiuwa Aimiuwu were crowned Castaic High School’s first-ever prom queen and king! 

  I’m so grateful for all the support from the student body,” shared Isiuwa Aimiuwu. “I am also grateful for the support of fellow court members like Micayla. The mutual encouragement between us is a real reflection of the coyote spirit. It’s such an honor to be Castaic’s first-ever prom Queen/Royalty! The feeling of the moment my name was announced is one that I’ll carry in my heart forever.” 

 “I was extremely grateful… [to have] the honor of even being nominated for prom king let alone winning the title!” says Imudiase Aimiuwu. “Running alongside some of my friends has also been an exciting experience as well as the prom itself! The day was a memorable one to say the least and I’m very appreciative to have been a part of such a royal event.” 

The perfect night continued on without a hitch, as students soaked up the final moments. Smiles were on all of the student’s faces as they made their way to the buses at the end of the night. 

Special thanks to Mr. Overdevest and all of Castaic’s Associated Student Body (ASB) for overseeing the planning of the event and making sure everyone had a great time!