Snow Storm Traps Students in a Winter Disaster


Jocelyn Rodriguez, Staff Writer

On Wed. March 1 at Castaic High School, students in their third period class began to notice that the slow and steady rain started to turn into what is a rare occurrence in Southern California: Snow. 

Castaic High School teachers allowed students to go outside and experience snow for the first time. The students were mesmerized by the ice crystals as they fell and got stuck in their hair. Although the temperature was freezing c

Savannah Aguirre in the snow!

old, students stayed outside to play in the snow. It was a small amount, melting the moment it hit the pavement. 

Nearing the end of lunch, however, the snow and wind started to pick up. The wind whipped around the students, dragging some of them across campus, and the snow fell heavier than ever seen at Castaic.

“It was out of nowhere. No one could’ve ever expected it, especially at Castaic!” expressed sophomore Holly Frost. 

Principal Perry made an announcement over the intercom that all students must go into their fifth period class to shelter from the out of control weather. Everyone rushed to their classes, eager to get to safe grounds. Unfortunately, juniors and seniors that left during lunch weren’t able to get back to school to finish their school day off. Freshman Pulianna Jerry talked about her experience with the snow. 

“It was crazy! By the end of class, we couldn’t even open the locker room doors because all of the snow had piled up!” exclaimed Jerry. 

The end of classes came quickly, but the weather outside prevailed to no end. The snow had piled up, making it difficult for students to leave the classrooms and for parents to make their way up to the school. Parents began to feel irritated because of the lack of updates. Ruth Gusty had to wait three hours before receiving any news. 

“I had a hair appointment at 3:15, thinking it would give me the perfect amount of time to pick up my kid from school. Never did I think that I would be sitting in my car, stuck in traffic because of snow!” commented Gusty. 

The day turned into night, with the snow and wind slowing down. Staff had to make the difficult travel from the office to the gym in order to get mats for students to rest on. Students had to use their jackets and tape paper together to make “paper blankets” because of the lack of fuzzy blankets.

Although the harsh weather had calmed down and almost disappeared entirely, the snow had yet to melt away. The snow had piled up, reaching the middle of the doors. Students and staff in the 200 building couldn’t even make it down the stairs. Principal Perry had no choice but to have students and staff stay at the high school until conditions are safe enough to leave. 

“It was a tough decision, but the best one we could make,” explained Principal Perry. 

After a long night, students and staff members woke up hungry. Luckily, the snow had melted down, leaving a thin sheet of ice on the floor. Everyone stampeded to the cafeteria to get food. Principal Perry was quick to let the parents know that the roads were safe to travel on. On Thurs. March 2, school was canceled for students to go home and rest. March 1 was a very odd day for students and staff at Castaic High School. Luckily, they were able to survive the crazy, unexpected weather that Mother Nature brought upon them.


This is a work of satire. Any names of students or staff are fictitious. All events or incidents included are fictitious. References to Castaic High School clubs, classes, or policies are satirical in nature. This work is not intended for informational purposes.