Vigilantes of Castaic High School: Bee POV



Jules Perez, Staff Writer

Today the sun rose earlier, the flowers bloomed stronger, and the wind wasn’t ferocious. A perfect day to scout the high school. Upon arrival, I saw sweet, delicious syrup packets; chip bags ripped open, empty Starbucks cups, and many more delicious treats. The troops will soon be able to feast on the glorious remanence. I forgot how great high school trash is.
The hive is buzzing with newfound hope; spring is coming after a long, hard winter.
The queen called for a meeting two days ago, preparing us for the next few months. My troop, troop Gyil, leaves in two weeks for Castaic High School.
After hibernating for the last five months, we bees must warm our wings. This time of year, training is more intense than ever. Combat, intelligence, and strategy courses will be taken, preparing for the coming hard months.
As soon as we arrived, slimy, cruddy teenagers surrounded us with their open syrup packets and sweet fruit. 300 of us collect the pollen from the mountains around campus, but we get some dessert after work. We fill our bellies with only the best food. “Hub” is what the humans call our favorite place to feast. Trash cans overflowing with opened packages of food and tables covered with glorious sweetness.
Every once in a while, we get out our super stingers because students threaten to take away our food supply. They race to get food, but we are faster and slicker, beating them every time. Camouflaging into their backpacks, we sting when it’s least expected and take what’s rightfully ours. As a result, we are slowly but surely exterminating the student population. The royal family estimates we will finally take over and drive the humans out for good in about two years.
Each passing of a bee is mourned and never forgotten; each life given is for a good cause. Spring is coming; beware. No one is safe. The bees are coming for good.


This is a work of satire. Any names of students or staff are fictitious. All events or incidents included are fictitious. References to Castaic High School clubs, classes, or policies are satirical in nature. This work is not intended for informational purposes.