Winter Formal Rundown



Winter Formal 2023

Skye Roughen, Staff Writer

Castaic High School hosted their Winter Formal ‘A Night in Paris,’ on Saturday, Feb. 25. The gym was covered in decorations that included a statue of the Eiffel tower as well as a red and black color scheme and, of course, a large dance floor.

ASB teamed up with a new company called Peg Leg. Together they brought the theme to life. They see this new entertainment company as a good fit for our school.

The day of the Winter Formal snow struck Castaic. Students were concerned that the odd, albeit historic weather may ruin their dance. The formal, thankfully, still took place. The addition of a thin layer of snow from that morning, made the dance a true Winter Formal.

The dance floor, located in the center of the gym, was filled with colorful lights and a chandelier hanging overhead. The  DJ was surrounded by screens showing various music videos. He played a mix of classic and popular party songs that kept the crowd going. 

“The dance floor got pretty crazy,” one student said. 

Kids gathered on the floor to do different dances to songs like the Cupid Shuffle by Cupid, Cotton Eye Joe by Rednex, and Low by Flo Rida. Even Mr. Ferry joined in on the fun, dancing on the floor among the students. A dance circle formed, students cheered on their classmates as they danced. 

The notorious Beignet Box owned by Christina Milian and Elizabeth Morris, was a delicious surprise for many. Beignets, a Louisiana classic, were dusted with sweet powdered sugar. Students received two beignets and a drink for free, included with their ticket. They were a big hit with a long line and many great reviews. 

“The beignets were light and sweet which went well with the night,” one anonymous freshman said.

The games were a fun touch to the event. There were many different options such as pool and air hockey. Students gathered around the tables to watch different classmates challenge each other. Not only did the dance include games but there were other activities like a photo booth and caricature drawings done by a professional artist

To end the night, the DJ played Bohemian Rhapsody. The dance was overall fun for everyone. The Winter Formal will be a night to remember.