I am not a Minority



Sophia Crawford, Guest Writer


I am not a minority…

I know when I say this

You must think I am absurd.

You must think I have simply stirred 

The true meaning of this 



As I am clearly a black girl. 


You must think I am another OJ.

You must think I am astray.

You must think I will betray


My People.


I am not a minority.



the smaller part,

that is less than half the 



I am more than just a minority.


A small number that makes me different from the majority?

Or should I say priority? 

That’s what they want us to think.


I am not a minority.

My history has proven that. 


Martin has taught me to dream.

Malcolm taught me to question the regime.

Maya taught me to write.

Rosa has taught me to fight.

Robinson has taught me how to play ball.


But not a single one has told me that I am small.


I am not a minority.


I am a P.O.C.

A Person of Color.

That’s more like it.

This acronym is a stronger synonym for an antonym that once described me, us.


We are not small, we are not minute.

We are a group of people with cultural differences, rich history

and pride in who we are.


We are not minorities.

We are history. 

Black history.