Dear Louie

Kylie Price, Staff Writer

Dear Louie, 


From the days

Santa Barbara’s seashore winds had swept golden wisps of hair across my face

and the supple sunshine kissed my nose 

drawing freckles upon my flushed cheeks

in the cooled grass of our backyard 

I knew one thing was real:


I never wanted to let you go.


A grip so tight you could never run away

from my heart & soul

to the warmth of my hands & childish tears.


As a little girl 

with two busy parents

I clung to you.

I weaved my fingers through your pearly white fur

curling into soft ringlets following each stroke.


And so I laid.

I laid my head on your coat

nestling my fingertips beneath your velvet ears.

You asked for nothing

I gave you nothing

because I had nothing to give.


I happily pranced through sparkling sprinklers

not because I wanted to soak my Sunday dress

but because I could not resist your wide, doe eyes.

I smiled because of you

because that’s what you do when someone  

makes you as happy as you’ve made me feel.


You taught a little girl what happiness felt like

and I will always love you because of it.

But I can’t lay my head on you for much longer.

I know you don’t have much time left.

My head can find elsewhere to rest

my hands can find new warmth

but how can I smile without you?


I’m not ready to let you go.

I want you to know now

so we both can hold each other tight before you must prance away.

Loosening my grip.

When you have given me all that you have.


And we both know, no matter how much time has passed

I’ll always run my hands through your hair

while strands of mine dance in the wind

the sun kissing our cheeks

using the smile you gave me

counting down the seconds until I return to your side.


I’ll love you always,