Castaic Soccer Teams’ Goal: Conquer with Community


Aidan Gonzalez

Boys Soccer Team

Jules Perez, Staff Writer

Working as a team can have its struggles, but our soccer teams at Castaic High School have come together and are working hard to conquer the season. The team’s hard work and dedication are getting stronger as the season progresses. After getting a few quotes from varsity captains Nelson Morales and Maya Puerto, the love for their sport and team is apparent. Each team has many games ahead of them, and we look forward to cheering them on. 

The varsity boys’ soccer team has played many good games. So far, they have won against West Ranch (4-2), tied with Golden Valley (1-1), and tied against Canyon (2-2). As for the girl’s varsity team, they have prevailed against Golden Valley (4-0), Valencia (4-1), Golden Valley (2-1), SCCS (3-1), and Cleveland (2-1). The team currently has one tie against Saugus (0-0). Both teams have had a few losses this season, but this doesn’t stop them from encouraging each other and striving for growth. 

“The season has been a little rocky, but we’ve improved since the season started, and I’m hopeful about our remaining games this year” Leilani Rodriguez, a JV soccer team captain, exclaims. She believes in her team, and that they will lead her to victory, she is excited for the rest of the games.

JV is working hard to finish the soccer season strong. The boy’s JV team is hard at work preparing for their first win of the season. The girls’ JV team won against SCCS (2-0), Golden Valley (6-1), and Cleveland (2-0).

Their practices run two hours long, giving the players plenty of time to work towards their goals. The boys start with warmups, and passing/possession drills, and finish with a scrimmage game. The girls’ teams go over their formation and do conditioning, possession, running, and shifting drills. 

Captain Nelson Morales is a defensive midfielder who has been playing for Castaic High School for four years. He conveys his happiness about how the team is doing and believes they have a great chance to win the next games.

“By far my favorite moment, hands down, was the win against West Ranch, where we shocked everybody by beating them 4-2,” Morales expresses. 

Captains Maya Puerto and Chloe Colgan are confident in their teams’ abilities. Peurto expresses her happiness with this year’s “talented players.” 

Puerto’s favorite moment from this season is “after the games where we played well even if the game did not end in a win.”

Colgan’s favorite moments from the season were “dancing to Payeso De Rodeo before every game for warm-up, all of the TikToks we’ve made on our account, and the discovery of our team songs ‘Something in the Orange’ By Zach brown and ‘Do Ya Like’ By Childish Gambino.” 

Captain Mackenzie Wiese tells us about how they have “surpassed people’s expectations” of how they have done so far. “My favorite moments from this season are every game we win. I also love the feeling when we can connect on the field” Wiese comments. 

We look forward to seeing what else the teams can accomplish in the next few games. The seniors moving on to bigger and better things have given the first- and second-year students big shoes to fill. Watching the improvements that are happening within the teams is super exciting. Good luck to the teams! 

Girls Soccer Team (Aidan Gonazalez)