An Inside Look on our Newest Teacher of the Year

Terrence Thompson, Staff Writer

Our beloved Modern Civilization and AP World teacher Mr. Williams, has rightfully received the title of ‘Teacher of the Year.’ His enlightening knowledge and incredible ability to teach his students with passion, made him an excellent candidate for the award. 

Every year the staff of each school nationwide votes for a Teacher of the Year and a Classified of the Year. Classified staff such as custodians, instructional assistants, and secretaries are all included. Then the school governing board honors those employees in a special ceremony.

When a teacher is chosen for the title ‘Teacher of the Year,’ there are other titles that they could be eligible for such as ‘Teacher of the District’ or ‘Teacher of the State.’ There is a similar system that includes groups of teachers who applied for those titles, putting them in a decision pool with other ‘Teachers of the Year’. In Castaic’s case, since Mr. Williams has been chosen as one of the ‘Teachers of the Year’ for our district, he would be eligible to apply for Teacher of California. 

David. William’s

During September of 2022, the staff of Castaic High School gathered to announce the awards and honor the nominees.  

“I was at a point when I was doubting myself and whether I was an effective and appreciated educator, so it helped me pep-talk myself through those moments of doubt, which still happen daily,” Says Mr. Williams before receiving his award. 

Mr. Williams also states that the exposure has allowed him to “reflect on the years that I was still putting in hard work but without the recognition, and made me reflect and be grateful.” 

  While Williams recognizes that this award is a rare and important honor, keeping a clear mindset is a crucial step in continuing to improve as an educator for his students.

Many would think that receiving an award calls for some sort of bragging,“I do, but in a very self-deprecating way!” Mr. William feels that it’s important to strike the balance between celebrating our victories but remaining humble and mindful that our next defeat or hardship could be right around the corner.