As the Smoke Clears

Kendra Leroux, Editor of Creativity

I was considered a pretty smart kid when I was young 

My brain was composed of many thoughts 

Constantly running through my mind 

All I could do was think

About future hopes, dreams, and possibilities for how my story would turn out


The older I became the more reality set in

Those hopes and dreams

Quickly turned into childish fantasies 

My lego brick walls had fallen down 

Revealing the harshness of the world I am growing up in 


It was in shambles

Consumed by fires


Families separated

Heartbreak and ache controlling this earth

I wanted it to be fake


Flames engulfed my thoughts 

Reliving the scorched earth and poisoned seas 

But there was one question I couldn’t get over 



Why were people in this type of pain? 

Why were disasters getting worse creating a vicious chain? 

Why was this all happening?


As the smoke cleared many answers emerged

But one stood out from the rest

Climate change


The root of disaster 

Growing into a tree of destruction and sadness

Humans are nurturing this tree

Watering it with carbon emissions and pollution 

Using obliviousness as sunlight


This tree of suffering needs to be cut down 

Before it spreads and a forest emerges

I want to submerge myself  in my old thoughts about barbies

But that’s just a fantasy, right?