Castaic Choir Soloist Concert 2022


via castaichschoir on Instagram

Hannah Dowaliby, Editor of Community

On Tuesday, October 11th, Castaic High School’s choir held 2022’s first soloist concert. At this performance, a total of 12 numbers were performed by 16 members of choir. The talent at this concert blew the audience out of the water. I interviewed Tyler Baker, a Senior in choir, to get the inside details of this soloist concert.

At the concert, there was a variety of skills showcased by Castaic High’s choir, and a wide variation of genres that were performed. “Many chose songs from musicals, pop, and there were even some people who played their own instruments as well as vocals,” Tyler Baker said, “It was really cool to see everyone’s interests and talents shine during the performance.” I, of course, would agree. The talent that was displayed was amazing, and it was very exciting to see everyone at the concert perform!

As for Tyler, she sang I Dreamed a Dream from the musical Les Miserables. “It was really fun, but kind of nerve wracking,” said Baker, “I’ve never sang in front of that many people before.” With there being a pretty big crowd, I can only imagine that it was pretty daunting. Nevertheless, Tyler and many others’ performances were breathtaking.

I also asked what kind of choir performances we can expect to see in the future. “We have more concerts coming up in the winter and spring,” Baker said. She went on to elaborate that most of the upcoming performances will be with the entire choir, so the audience will get to see their aptitude for singing.

Finally, I asked Tyler what she is looking forward to the most for choir. “I’m most looking forward to the festivals and our Disney trip,” Baker responded, “This is my first year in choir, and I already feel like I’m part of the family. I’m very grateful to get to sing with them all, and I can’t wait to perform more, and get to do more fun activities with them.”

All this goes without saying how excited I, personally, am to be able to see choir and their concerts. After getting just a small taste of what it’s going to be like from the Soloist Concert, I’m very excited to see more of their performances. With Castaic’s new music director, Mr. Kim, it’s clear that big things are coming.

I urge you to go to an upcoming concert to experience the talent and support our choir this December!