Coyotes of Castaic: Four-day school week

The state of California has had talks of adding both a four-day workweek and a four-day school week just as some districts in Texas have moved to. Some students that attend Castaic High were interviewed and answered a few questions on their opinion on moving to a four-day school week, and if there would be positives or negatives in this switch.

Mr. Judd, Castaic High School’s music instructor, thinks that having a four-day school week would be beneficial, and maybe even a better way to structure the schedule.

“We already get most of the curriculum done from Monday through Friday, and Friday is nice to get through all the classes, but it isn’t necessary.” Judd says,“And, it would be nice to have another day off as a teacher.”

Judd explains that an extra day off of school could never hurt. It would not only be helpful by giving students another mental health day away from school, but it would help set them up for the way college will be structured. 

“A vigorous Monday through Thursday gets more quality work done.” Judd says, “It’s also better for college readiness because it’s closer to the longer and more spaced out college lectures. I’m less is more kind of guy, so I could see it changing the way we structure things and improve the quality of work overtime ”

He also understands that it could change the way extracurriculars work but it could be worked around. Mr. Judd feels ‌that a four-day school week would be useful since it gives us more time as students and faculty to work on ourselves, which could reflect on our work. Since other schools in Texas have already implemented it, it could be a great way to experiment and create a domino effect for the majority of the U.S.

Saylor Osteen, a Junior, clearly states that a four-day school week would be “AMAZING.” 

“I think it’s a great idea, definitely!” Osteen says, “I would pay more attention since I would have more rest, and I would have a three-day weekend to look forward to.” 

Osteen explains that if it were to be implemented, she would be able to rest, work, and hang out with friends more. It would also improve her mental health by removing one of her stressors. 

Omar Avila is another junior who attends our school who believes the three-day weekend would be very beneficial. “I think a four-day school week would be very beneficial to students,” Avila says. “It would give them an extra day to be able to relax and get time away from school.”

When asked how the four-day school week would affect his grades; he told me it would be beneficial to him and his grades, and it would give him an extra day to catch up. I then asked how this change would affect his mental health. Avila expressed, “Having a four-day school week could affect mine and others students’ health positively.” “It takes away the stress of school work and drama with other students.”

Avila also said that if it were to be implemented, he would be able to spend more time with friends and family and do other activities he enjoys such as playing video games to help fill up the extra day off.