Jack Harlow’s Rise To Fame


Jack Harlow is a 24-year-old rapper that has recently been getting a lot of attention from the public for his songs and looks. How did he grow so fast, and how long has it taken him to get to this point in his career? 

Jack Harlow first started rapping with his friend Sharath at the age of twelve, so he’s had his “career” since then. The first CD that Jack and Sharath sold in their middle school was called Rippin’ and Rappin’. He asked his mother how he could become the best rapper ever, she told him that practice is the key and he should start practicing rapping five hours a day until his birthday. This inspired Jack to listen to his mom and improve. Once he was in sixth grade, he got a professional microphone and made “Extra Credit” and his first mixtape under the name “Mr. Harlow”. Around this time he had formed a band type group with friends called “Moose Gang.”Jack continued to work on two more mixtapes at the same time. One would have been called “Music for the Deaf” but it never ended up released to the public.

During His high school years, Jack started performing multiple sold-out shows in venues such as the Haymarket Whiskey Bar and Mercury Ballroom. With his talents and success, he was finally able to release his first-ever commercial album titled “The Handsome Harlow”. His album was released through Gill Hollands SonaBLAST record label. He spent his high school years performing in venues and ended up opening for Vince Staples in Louisville. Right after he graduated high school, he released his mixtape “18”, his first album that was included in his music collection and record label. 

Two years after he released his commercial album, his first-ever single was titled Routine. Then in 2017, he released another single titled Dark Knight with a music video. The single was said to have been published with the help of his friend Cyhi the Prynce, who helped Jack get through his writer’s block and finish the song. Dark knight ended up becoming the lead single on Harlow’s mixtape, Gazebo. He then went on a 14-city Gazebo tour for his album. He was able to slowly make a name for himself and moved to Atlanta to pursue his career further while also working at the Georgia State University cafeteria so he could support himself. While working in the cafeteria, Jack met DJ Drama who worked at Mean Street Studio. This introduction would have a major impact on his life later on by influenced being signed with Generation Now Records owned by DJ Drama and Don Cannon. The same day this was announced he ended up releasing a music video for his new single sundown. 

With all of his success, he released his single Whats Poppin which was where his career truly launched. His song had gotten large on TikTok, and passed 135 million views. He now has two albums with many positive reviews. “That’s what they all say” and “Come home the kids miss you” comes out on May 6th. 

Jack has done well, especially on social media such as TikTok where the public adores his songs and good looks. All the practice he has put in has helped him and his career a lot. Jack’s start went from writing songs with his friends to making music with some of the biggest artists like Lil Nas X and Big Sean. Overall, he has honed his craft and turned into a household name. Make sure to check out his music on platforms such as youtube, Spotify, and apple music!