Love Languages


Abby LeCheminant, Staff Writer

People express love in many different ways, but they have been classified into 5 main ways of showing love for someone. The five love languages are words of affirmation, quality time, acts of service, gifts, and touch. Exploring the different ways love is communicated is a great way to strengthen a relationship.

Words of Affirmation

This specific category of love language is a verbal and written way of communicating your love and appreciation for someone. This brings comfort and reassurance to the person in this relationship. Kind words and “I love you’s” are greatly appreciated and are their favorite way to give and receive love. 

Quality Time

Spending time with your loved one and them wanting to spend time with you is what holds a special place for people who fall into this category of quality time. Undivided attention, eye contact, and time just to be together is important to them. The feeling of being prioritized and important in their significant other’s life is what makes their heart skip a beat. 

Acts of Service

Going out of your way to do special or little things for your partner is vital in this section. Rather than hearing words expressing your love, they prefer seeing you express your love by doing acts of service. Things as simple as bringing them home their favorite dessert or picking up groceries are a testament to the love you hold for them.


This one is pretty simple, feeling love through giving/getting gifts is the main part of this love language. It isn’t about the value of the gift but more about the meaning behind it. Some people consider these visual acts of love. Receiving something someone handpicked and put thought into is very special to these kinds of people.


This love language is very common, communicating your love to someone through physical means. Things such as holding hands when walking around, embracing, and finding ways to be physically close with your person is the way they communicate love. They value their person and feel valued through their contact.

An individual’s love language varies from person to person but you’ll never feel less loved by any. Feel free to take this quiz to see which love language you have.