Coyotes of Castaic: BSUA


Ricardo Baldenegro, David Flores, Staff Writer

The Black Student Union Association, or BSUA, was established on February 3rd, 2022 in order to provide a safe space for all black students and allies as well as to give a voice against prejudice against those in the African American community.  

BSUA is a student-run organization at Castaic High School and it is led by President Isiuwa Aimiuwu. Isiuwa looks to create an important place for Black students to come together and celebrate the culture and discuss experiences and concerns. When asked what her goals were, she responded with, “My goal for this club is to create a sense of community among black students and allies so that we can work together to support, celebrate and encourage one another.” She was inspired to create the club to create relationships with other black students because there are few of us. Aimiuwu wants black students to know that not just their fellow students but also administrators at Castaic are available for support. “I would like our club to join other BSUs in the district to have joint outings to places such as Magic Mountain,” Isiuwa said after being asked about the future of the club.

Amiyah Ellsworth, the social media manager of the BSU, is very excited to be part of the Black Student Union. Amiyah looks to spread information about BSU and give opportunities to black students. She was inspired by the former quarterback of the 49ers, Colin Kapernick, because he stood up for what he believed in regardless of the consequences, and he was an activist. When asked about the goal for the BSU, Ellsworth responded, “Our goal is to spread awareness and teach about black community and culture.” Her role in the BSU involves running all social media accounts for the club and giving updates for it on social media. One goal she has is to have a college fair but to focus on BSUA and talk about scholarships for BSUA schools.

Sophia Crawford is the treasurer of the BSUA. She takes care of the money for the club. Sophia and others created the club to advance Castaic High School’s cultural and social diversity. Crawford also hopes that students will recognize their true identities and build awareness for others.

The BSUA is an open club for all to celebrate and acknowledge the African American community and to get to know others from different backgrounds. They meet every other Wednesday in Mrs. Avanessian’s room, 257. 

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