Why Valentine’s Day’s Only Purpose is Profit


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Hannah Dowaliby, Copy Editor

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that is widely celebrated in the name of love. To some, it’s incredibly important, and it means dedicating a day specifically for those you love. To others, however, Valentine’s Day is nothing more than just another day; a pointless holiday where people spend money for no apparent reason. In fact, the latter may prove to be much closer to the truth. This year, in 2022 alone, an estimated $24 billion was spent for Valentine’s Day in the United States. That makes it the second-highest recorded amount spent for this holiday, with 2020 taking the cake at $27.4 billion spent.

But why, exactly, is Valentine’s Day such a significantly expensive holiday? Well, it seems to have to do with just how much money people are willing to spend. When it comes to Valentine’s Day, people tend to go big if they’re in the early stages of a relationship, or in any relationship whatsoever. Most single people don’t feel compelled to spend money on others, especially on a holiday that is mostly centered around romance.

As years have progressed, Valentine’s Day’s original meaning about the importance of love has slowly begun to fade behind the visage of profit. Around this time, corporations begin to market their products towards “love” themes. Colors such as pink, red, and white become a staple among candies, balloons, and cards. Heart-shaped items of all sorts become more and more popular as well. As a result, Valentine’s Day is often associated with these colors and shapes.

Take the typical “box of chocolates” that you can buy around Valentine’s Day; a heart-shaped box, usually red or pink, with an assortment of different chocolates inside, some of which are heart-shaped, too. The point is that Valentine’s Day has a particular image to it, and a specific theme that companies have adapted to sell to the masses around this time. As a result, people feel more inclined to purchase their products, because it “fits the theme” of colors that are traditionally related to this holiday.

While Valentine’s Day is indeed just another way for massive corporations to make more money, there is certainly no denying that it doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. Valentine’s Day provides economies worldwide with exactly what they want: more money. When a reason is given to purchase something, people feel more inclined to purchase it, and this holiday provides the populace with exactly that; a reason to buy more things.

So, yes, this “day of love” has been commercialized and warped into little more than a pawn to make more money for participating companies. However, that does not mean that there is anything inherently wrong with wanting to celebrate this holiday. Seeing Valentine’s Day as a true, genuine way to tell your loved ones how you feel is valid, but maybe it’s time to think twice about how much you spend on them.