Current CDC COVID Guidelines

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Bianca Mancinelli, Staff Writer

It’s been almost two years since COVID-19 hit the United States, shutting down our schools and businesses nationwide and forcing us to go online. As we’ve learned, there are a lot of other ways it affects our lives as well. Wearing masks everytime we leave our houses is something I don’t think anyone expected to happen, or in some cases not being able to leave the house at all. It’s hard to grasp how quickly everything changed, but we need to move with these changes by following the guidelines set by health experts. Here are the current guidelines from the Center For Disease Control and Protection (CDC). 



For those who have Covid, but are asymptomatic, a five day quarantine is required. For those who are exposed to Covid while unvaccinated, a five day quarantine is recommended before taking a Covid test, as well as strict use of a CDC approved mask for an additional five days. For those who are fully vaccinated, no quarantine is necessary following an exposure, however it is recommended to still test five days after the exposure. 



Children above the age of two should be wearing masks while in public settings.asks are required to be worn at all times above the nose and under the chin. Masks are not required outdoors, but are recommended for crowded settings. Places masks are required include all public transportation. It is best to wear masks with two or more layers, and that they snugly fit your face. To be extra safe, wearing a N95 mask is recommended by the CDC



The CDC highly encourages those ages five and up to get their vaccine and those twelve and up to get their booster shot. There are many places you can get vaccinated including your local Walgreens, CVS, or your healthcare provider. Vaccines are proven to reduce the risk of getting Covid and significantly lessening symptoms for those who do get it.