Best Flowers to Plant in Spring

Best Flowers to Plant in Spring

Abby LeCheminant, Staff Writer

The beginning of the new year is a welcomed sight for many, and can also be a pretty sight as well. Now that spring is beginning, flowers are going to start blooming. Plants thrive in these early months, and being able to plant little seeds and watch as they become beautiful flowers with radiant hues is a rewarding process. Start the process now and make your area worth looking at.


These colorful flowers bloom in both spring and summer. Hydrangeas are considered a shrub, but don’t let that stop you from planting them. They are fast growers and require little maintenance. Make sure to remember that although they enjoy morning sun, the afternoon heat is unwelcomed. 


Pansies are said to have the resemblance of a face on their petals. These flowers have vibrant colors and are able to survive most weather. Pansies can fail to thrive when people forget to water them, as they need to get watered regularly. Also, they are actually edible and their taste has a hint of minty flavor. 

Bleeding Heart

Bleeding hearts are stunning flowers, with quite a unique shape. As the name suggests, this plant’s flowers look like a heart, and even have a teardrop shaped petal hanging down. They prefer shady areas without direct sunlight. Once summer comes around, the plant will die due to the rising temperatures. Overall this plant is much more simpler to take care of than people realize. 

Virginia Bluebell

Virginia Bluebells are a native plant species, and a pretty one at that. These are unfortunately endangered, because of habitat loss. Keep in mind that even though they are endangered, they spread seeds at rapid rates. The bluebells need both partial sunlight and shade. If the temperature and location is right, these flowers won’t need much care. 

Day Lily

Daylilies are beautiful flowers that are very low maintenance. This variety can reach amazing heights, up to six feet tall. It’s best to plant away from trees or other plants so that they won’t have to compete for water and nutrients. Thankfully these flowers are very resistant and can survive droughts and poor soil. Daylilies would be a great flower for beginners. 

Gardening is a great way to start the new year with some new hobbies. Plenty of flowers are low maintenance and can survive the occasional forgetfulness. The upgrades such a simple thing can bring to your home is worth it. Happy planting.