First Varsity Soccer Game


Nelson Morales, Staff Writer

The Castaic boys soccer team had their first official varsity game of the season at home on November 16th. The game was against the Milken High Wildcats. Only the boys varsity team played, yet the game was quite an entertaining one. The score was 2-2 with our team coming away with a tie in the dying minutes of the match. This game was the first in a long and grueling season that the boys have ahead of them; however, with this game in the books, the hopes, and spirits of the team will be quite high going into the foothill league season.

The kick-off was at 3:15 on a bright, sunny afternoon with Coyotes’ eyes set on winning their first game of the season. The boy’s soccer team lost the day before in a well-fought scrimmage against Knight High School. This game was a good example of how tough varsity games in the Foothill league will be for this player. Nonetheless, the Coyotes battled with all their might. The game against Milken High School started off with midfielder Nelson Morales converting a free-kick making the score 1-0. From there on, the Coyotes dominated the game having more chances and more possession of the ball. Once the second half began, our soccer team looked strong creating several scoring opportunities. The breakthrough finally came when Imudiase Aimuwu scored the second goal of the game off a counter-attack. Despair struck the Coyotes as in the last 20 minutes of the game, the Milken High Wildcats scored 2 goals to level up the score. The score ended up at 2-2 when the final whistle blew meaning that the Castaic boys soccer team tied their first official varsity game of the season.

Overall, the first home game for the boy’s soccer team was a success as they gained insight as to how varsity soccer games are actually like. While the tie was a tough one to stomach, especially when they were winning, the effort the boys put forth during the game shows the true character of the Castaic Coyotes. Boys soccer at Castaic High School is definitely in good hands for future years to come.