Covid Cases in Valencia High School


Rocio Negrete, Staff Writer

There are many high schools in the William S. Hart School District, all of which have implemented COVID-safe procedures. Unfortunately, Valencia High school had 33 positive covid cases on October 27, 2021. When they found out that there had been people that tested positive; they did an investigation to see if there was a connection with all the cases. The people that got COVID were mostly students but some staff members were affected as well. 

Later, they found out that the cases were mostly around the cheerleading program; they informed the parents Tuesday night. Parents were told that if their kid was in close contact with someone that came out positive the school would notify them. 

School was still in session that Friday, but the football game against Saugus high school was canceled. Dave Caldwell, a spokesman for the district, said, “If a student or staff member is vaccinated and they are asymptomatic, they are not showing symptoms, they can continue to go to school.”

The school principal, Pete Getz, also said in an email, “If your student(s) must quarantine, we will provide specific information and directions to support the process.” Quarantine was not enforced on all students of Valencia High. They were not required unless they were not vaccinated, or they had symptoms and were fully vaccinated. 

Ktla did a video/interview and it talked about how the cheerleading team was getting lots of hate for getting Covid into the school. The principal did mention that the kids in extracurricular activities and sports do get tested regularly; which is the reason why they found out that there were positive cases among the school. Parents are concerned since their teens tell them that there are students in class that do not wear their masks properly.

Valencia High School has the same protocol as every high school in the Hart district. Kids are to quarantine and get tested till they come out negative. Valencia High School has the same protocol as every high school in the Hart district. Valencia High School did not close down but will continue to be very careful to not gain more Covid cases in the future.

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