Castaic’s Sea of Trash


Kendra Leroux, Editor

In 2019 the William Hart District welcomed a new school to the valley: Castaic High. The $130 million campus was designed to, “cultivate an environment where all students can excel academically, socially and emotionally through a progressive and forward-thinking approach,” according to Castaic High School’s website. 

On August 10th, the 2021-2022 school year started off great. Many students were extremely excited to be fully back on campus after hybrid learning. There were many new additions to the school; new teachers, another grade level, and most anticipated was the cafeteria. 

“The hub” supplies students with free food and lots of outdoor seats while yard duties keep watch of people’s activities. The issue is some people who sit in the cafeteria treat it like trash by not throwing away wrappers, leaving huge stains on tables, and leaving food trash everywhere. 

The lead campus supervisor, Randi Brees, is particularly concerned about the trash issue. She has been attempting to stop ignorant kids by constantly reminding them to throw out their trash. Randi knows, “If they were at home they would be expected to throw it away. It should not be any different at school.” 

It is extremely upsetting how different kids behave than when they are at home, making people like Randi and other supervisors and other students extremely sad and angry. Tylar Arnold, a junior at Castaic High, is particularly upset about what she sees at lunch day-to-day. “So many kids will just throw their trash at the trash can, but because they are not coordinated enough they miss and their food flies.” Tylar said, “It’s so frustrating to see this and that they think it is okay to just leave it there.” The million-dollar campus is being contaminated, and students do not realize that trash they do not throw out still has to be picked up. The janitors have to pick up their food and wrappers when they supply many trash cans all over campus.

Randi wants students to understand, “I think if you kiddos made an effort, just cared a little more about what you do and what others do, if everyone stepped up and cleaned up, our school would remain our awesome coyotes’ home!” It is not that hard to pick up your trash and throw it out. If you ever want to be lazy and not pick up, remember cleaning up after yourself is a life lesson you must learn before getting out of high school to become successful. Keep our beautiful campus clean and encourage others to do the same.