Fall and Winter Fashion: Whats Trending This Season?

Fall and Winter Fashion: Whats Trending This Season?

Ally Boldrin, Staff Writer

For most people fall and winter fashion is normally the same cycle of cardigans and pants, people normally stick to whatever will keep you warm. However, not many people focus on the trends and participate in them for this season. Trends that have been able to stay in the spotlight are infinity scarfs, boots, cardigans, and tight jeans. There haven’t been many fall and winter trends since that though. What could possibly trend this year during the seasons are sweater vests, the “preppy” look, quilted jackets, knitted items, leather jackets, and more. 


Fashion for these seasons normally revolve around the weather and certain color palettes that fit the season. For example, fall color palettes are very neutral-toned and include lots of browns and tans. The color palette will normally match the weather and surroundings during the season, and the clothes will follow. For example, knitted items and leather jackets can fit the fall theme because they are neutral tones that fit the color scheme. Clothes that trend during cold seasons are most commonly trending because they are able to keep you warm during cold weather, and can keep you looking stylish.


Most of these items are simple to style, for example, with a sweater vest, you could wear a white turtleneck, straight-leg jeans, boots, and a belt as an accessory. You could also style the “preppy look” a certain way as well. This look is typically seen with argyle sweaters, pleated skirts, and simple accessories. This look could work perfectly fine for fall and winter styled anyway. Knitted items and pieces of clothing are some of the most common pieces seen in fall and winter fashion like scarves, cardigans, and beanies. A way to style a knitted cardigan is to wear a simple shirt of choice underneath and wide-leg or mom jeans with it as well. 


Fall fashion is easy to style, but what about finding clothes that fit the season? Many stores have more minimalistic style clothes that fit the fall and winter theme. Stores that would work better for this style are Zara and H&M. While most stores put out certain clothes for certain seasons, H&M and Zara have clothing that works for this season year-round. They both have various forms and styles of boots, jeans, and cardigans which are perfect for this style. Looking through the fall catalogs, the items Zara has available are boots, many variations of coats (long, fuzzy, etc.), new jeans, long dresses, blazers, and turtlenecks. H&M’s fall category has sweater vests, cable-knit sweaters, flannels, floral dressers, handbags, cardigans, blazers, jeans, and boots. They both have very similar categories and it would be easy to find the same outfit from both stores.


Fall fashion hasn’t changed much over the years but it has in the sense that clothes are just the same but with different cuts or materials used. The clothing items are based on what was already trending this year or what is currently trending. So looking at what has been trending this year, such as the preppy look, will be incorporated into the design or theme. These trends will either be very different or very similar in the time spaces. These were all the trends for fall and winter, how to style these items and where you could find them as well.