Rise to Fame: Doja Cat



Hannah Dowaliby, Copy Editor

Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini, better known as Doja Cat, is an internet sensation. Whether you like her music or not, Doja Cat has made many big strides in the music industry. She recently hit 800 million streams on Spotify with her song “Kiss Me More” featuring another female rapper, SZA, making it the fastest growing female collaboration of all time.

The American singer and songwriter was born 26 years ago in 1995 on October 20. Doja’s rise from a simple viral novelty track to becoming a mainstream superstar started in California. Doja studied the piano and tap, ballet, and jazz dance lessons as a child, and by the time she was a teen, she was teaching herself to sing and was listening to a variety of eclectic hip-hop, indie rock, R&B, and electronic music. 

However, it wouldn’t be until 2014 when she first released her debut extended play, called “Purrr!” This led to her first viral hit track called “So High.” In a quick succession of events, more of her singles began to grab attention online. 

In 2018, following the release of her hit single “Mooo!,” Doja Cat issued the full release of her debut album, “Amala.” This album allowed Doja Cat to fully expand upon her viral hits with more hip-hop, pop, and R&B tracks. These tracks included “Candy” and “Roll with Us.”

However, Doja Cat would reach her first Top Ten hit on the Billboard 200 with her TikTok friendly track “Say So.” This song would proceed to launch Doja Cat’s momentum into international fame and recognition, more so than ever before. She even earned herself a couple American Music Awards.

Recently, however, Doja released her third full-length studio album “Planet Her.” The album has been an absolute success, leaving the majority of her fans in shock. The album features guest spots from other celebrities such as Young Thug, the Weeknd, JID, and more. This album, filled with fresh sounds and songs, has left Doja Cat in the top 3 most streamed female artists on Spotify as of October 18, 2021. She sits at around 19.1 million streams, making her higher on the chart than artists such as Dua Lipa, Billie Eilish, and even Ariana Grande.

Doja Cat has always been incredibly influential in the music industry. Since her first release in 2014, and now her most recent album release in 2021, she has been recognized as a powerful woman making strides. Despite those who pull her down, Doja continues to confidently pave her own path, and make room for others who strive to be like her.

We hope to continue to see more from Doja Cat in the near future.