Gun Threat at Hart High School and its Implications

Reese Kent, Staff Writer

School shooting threats are taken extremely seriously around the country and are thoroughly investigated no matter the seriousness. On Friday, September 24th, a written threat was located on a bathroom wall at Hart High School. The threat discussed how they’re being bullied and how they’re planning to ‘do something about it.’ The threat also mentioned the date, which was Wednesday, September 29th. The threat prompted a scare and increased police presence within the community. 

Authorities announced that a student had confessed to writing the threat. Authorities also determined that the message never contained a “genuine threat to the safety of our campus.” The student was detained and dealt with by authorities and school staff. After the student was detained and arrested, he or she later confessed to writing the threat on the wall. “The individual that wrote the note indicated that he or she was tired of being bullied … was basically lashing out a little bit,” said David Caldwell, the public information officer of Hart High School. 

The threat comes weeks after a group of 4 children was detained and arrested after a firearm was found on campus on September 8th. An anonymous student submitted a tip after seeing the firearm on a social media post. Hart High School’s text-a-tip anonymous line is heavily encouraged at their school, especially after one of the tips leads to be credible.

Hart High School and the William S. Hart School District encourage everyone to report threats, suspicious activity, etc anonymously or publicly to ensure everyone’s safety. “If you see something, say something,” said Caldwell. The implications of these threats could lead to increased police presence, stricter rules, and stronger security at all Hart District schools. We’ve already seen how seriously the district and authorities take these threats and tips. Authorities and the school district can’t take chances after they locate a firearm on one of their campuses