All-Day vs Block schedule


David Flores, Staff Writer

All days versus block schedules is a big debate in our school and across the Hart District. Castaic High School is on a block schedule but has an all-day on Fridays. I got the opportunity to interview some students on their opinion and to see if they can put their two cents on the debate.


Courtesy of: Ricardo Baldenegro (Ricardo Baldenegro)

I talked to Junior Jonah Wilson about the debate and he took the side of all days. ”I think I like all days more due to there being more classes and it feels shorter,” Wilson said when I asked him why he preferred all days. He also tells me that all days have their pros due to him having more focus during all days. “Yes, I believe I would have more focus because I wouldn’t have to sit through an hour and a half of classes but instead 50 minute classes,” Wilson said.


Jonah talked about his grades and told me that it is a con of all days. “No, because there’s less time to get everything done it would be harder to get through the material.”  That was one of the cons Jonah had about the all-day schedule if it was implemented in our school. I then asked Jonah if he believed a switch from the block schedule to an all-day schedule would be necessary. “I don’t think it’s necessary because all days give you a break, and with all days it’s nonstop learning,” Wilson replied.


Jonah Wilson put his opinion on the debate but on the other side of this topic was Isiuwa Aimiuwu. She told me why she believes the block schedule was better.

Courtesy of: Isiuwa Aimiuwu

“I like the block schedule the best because it gives me more time to complete all my assignments and homework,” Aimiuwu told me. This was the first thing she replied with when I asked about why the block schedule was better. I asked about her grades, what classes she was taking, if the block schedule helped her grades, and if a switch to all days would affect her grades. “No, I don’t think it would affect my grades, but I do think the workload would be a little difficult to handle,” Aimiuwu said.


“I wouldn’t want to change our school schedule from block to all day,” Aimiuwu added on. “I like our schedule the way it is.” 


The debate of all-day versus block schedule will continue to go on in Castaic High School, and people will always like one over the other. However, it looks like the block schedule is here to stay for the near future.