Pink-Out Rally


Mia Souther, Chief of Staff, Editor of Wellness

For the past few weeks, Castaic High School’s associated student body (ASB) has been prepping for the second rally of the year. The rally featured a theme of breast cancer awareness, held in support of our first home football game with a student section. 

Coyotes dressed in their ‘coyotes for a cure’ t-shirts and other pink gear to support breast cancer awareness.  

ASB’s design team created a symbolic butterfly display to be showcased on the outside of the student store. It featured different shades of paper butterflies in the shape of a ribbon. Along with the butterfly was a display of posters. 

“I’m glad we have more school spirit. I’m proud of ASB for working so hard to improve our rallies and overall school morale” says Faheem Rahman, ASB’s secretary. 

To kick off the rally and draw students in, the band played The Incredibles theme song. 

Photo courtesy of Ricardo Baldenegro











Hosts of the rally, Macy Clark and Jamie Lee Hyde addressed the purpose behind the pink-out theme and introduced cheer.

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Cheer opened their routine by teaching the student body their very own “Castaic coyotes” chant. They performed their full routine featuring several stunts. It was filled with coyote pride. 

With fall sports wrapping up their seasons, ASB wanted to make sure they were recognized. The crowd gave a heartwarming cheer for all of the fall sports as Macy Clark and Jamie Lee Hyde introduced winter sports.

The crowd was buzzing as winter sports ripped through a banner to symbolize the start of winter sports season rapidly approaching. 

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Next, teachers: Mr. Malave, Maysen Bagg (Cheer Coach), Mr. Williams, Ms. Lieb, and Mrs. Irmisher were chosen to be ‘mummified’. 5 students picked at random from the crowd joined the teachers with toilet paper in hand, ready to mummify. They spent a few minutes wrapping them up in the toilet paper until the first teacher was complete. 

Maysen Bagg won the competition.

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To wrap up the rally on an upbeat note, dance, dressed in pink, took to the stage and captured everyone’s attention. With an exciting track in the background, they began their performance. 

“I think everyone at the rally enjoyed the dance. The crowd reacted really good and I saw the crowd cheering. I got a lot of compliments after.” says Sophia Perry a dancer on Castaic Dance Team.

The pink-out rally was a huge success!