Castaic Campus – Art Clubs and Activities


Kendra Leroux, Editor

Art is an intriguing and creative way to express oneself. People like Dana Gioia believe, “Art is an irreplaceable way of understanding the world. Everyone has seen art or created art at some point in life, but sometimes people get very attached and it becomes a major part of who they are.” Joey Zimba, a student at Castaic High School created a fun after school club for artists who, “wanted a place where everyone could join who has a passion for art.”

As Castaic High was starting out in Joey’s freshman year, so was the art club. Joey was elected president by her peers and has continued to fill that position. The reason why Joey really loves art is because, “I love being able to express myself through my pieces.” She says, “Showing my emotions and personality through art is fascinating to me.“ Being president, she helps decide the activities in the art club. They meet weekly every Tuesday to socialize and do art related activities. In the future, art competitions will be implemented to challenge club members.

There are many different types of art one can express themselves with, including the performing arts. This includes music, dance, or drama performed for an audience. Two Castaic clubs fall under this category, CHS music and Castaic Coyote theater program. The advisor for the music program, Mr. Judd, believes that it “provides a music education experience for all students.” The meeting date and location is Tuesday of each month in the band room. Ms. Mistry, the advisor for the theater program, wants aspiring actors to attend the club meetings to help theater be their best during performances. She wants, “to build and function like a professional theater company performing creative, highly skilled, performances for the Castaic community and beyond.” The meeting dates are every Monday at lunch in the theater.

There are many types of clubs at Castaic for many different passions such as the anime, book, and environmental club. If you are interested in art of any kind I highly recommend joining the clubs I mentioned to find others just as passionate as you! Clubs can help you make friends and continue having fun with hobbies.