Coyotes of Castaic

Nelson Morales, Staff Writer

Brennan Cabunoc

Brennan Cabunoc a 14-year-old freshman that decided to come to Castaic because she lives close, she tells us. She loves football, the Dodgers, and specifically crunchy chips, along with her passion for softball and which is why she plays varsity for Castaic High. Cabunoc especially enjoys her English class with Mrs. Van Duzee. She aspires to become a lawyer or to at least obtain a degree in law. Some other interesting facts about her is that she has a chocolate lab named Tex. 


Ethan Pyne

This is Ethan Pyne, a 15-year-old sophomore (Above middle). He says he came to Castaic because he lives close by. He tells us he enjoys pasta, playing checkers in his, and plays football for the Castaic high school football team, which is his way of being involved on school campus. His favorite class is Mod. Civ. with Mrs. O. Brian and his only two goals are to graduate high school and “be the best football player” which explains his interest in the Baltimore Ravens. Something interesting he wants everyone to know is his best friend’s name is Brandon Marshall (above left), one of the people he wants to share a dog named Canela with in the future.



Bradley Betts-Bowden, a 16-year-old junior who decided to come to Castaic because of proximity. Some of his favorite activities include football, which is why he is on the Castaic High football team. He also enjoys Italian food and making new friends, Brad says he is involved on school campus just by being him. He enjoys his algebra 2/Trig class with Mr. Fink the most. He aims to become a Criminal Psychologist through COC and later CSUN. Brad would like everyone to know that he is the very best water boy that the football team has ever had, he gives credit to his energetic and outgoing personality because he “aspires to exist every day”.