How Global Warming is Currently Affecting Us as a Society


Ally Boldrin, Staff Writer

Everyone is aware of what global warming is, or at least has heard about it. However,  has anyone ever truly taken the time to see how it affects them personally? There’s a good chance everyone has had a discussion that revolved around or included a topic related to global warming. Global warming has affected and continues to affect our earth in many negative ways. A very current and relatable example is the recent California fire fighting season, which is more severe and longer than last year’s. There is also scientific data showing that we are experiencing more extreme weather patterns which are actually damaging the ozone layer. Many scientists have agreed that the rising temperatures of the earth are continuing longer and hotter heat waves, as well as droughts. Slowing down the effects of natural yet catastrophic weather events such as these is what every individual living on the earth today should be focused on.


  Has anyone found legitimate ways to slow down or try to eliminate global warming? Many sources have said that it would take decades, or even centuries to get the earth back to its natural temperature. It has been believed that once global warming stops, the heat will rise out of the ocean and continue to heat up the world, but once it is all gone, the earth should lower back to its normal temperature. The ways others could contribute to slowing down global warming may not be ideal, but they can still help. Solutions to how it could be slowed down are to switch to renewable energy, conserve energy by better insulating our homes, replacing items with more energy-efficient items, and supporting businesses that use climate-smart practices like the ones listed below. Four businesses that use climate smart practices are Hasbro, Microsoft, Nike, and Apple. While these may not seem to be the easiest ways to help, there are still many other ways that could be even easier.


 The ways we can contribute to slowing this down are to speak up, recycle, and support public transit or carpool with friends or neighbors. Examples of how you can participate are to use refillable water bottles rather than disposable plastic ones. If you were to use plastic water bottles, make sure to recycle them once empty. The second example of how to contribute is carpooling or supporting public transit. Carpooling can save more time and help emit less gases rather than everyone taking their own cars and emitting more gases into the atmosphere. Public transit is a good way to help slow global warming, because it can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions created by the burning of fossil fuels.


Lastly, the most important thing we can do to slow global warming is to share ways that are more efficient and helpful to the environment that can protect it and us. Different age groups have certain things that are more efficient towards them to help our environment, especially teens. While most teens don’t have the money to get electric cars or put solar panels on their roofs, they still can recycle, and speak up about how to help. Despite how long it will take for global warming to fully stop, we can still try our best to slow it down and prevent it from getting worse.