Sports Are Back!


Diego Spross, Staff Writer

Over the past year, activities all around the world and our community came to a halt as the pandemic surged across the globe. This included America’s beloved sports which are a significant part of the culture across this country. Not only did pro sports like Baseball, Basketball, and Football get pushed back, but sports at Castaic High School school stopped. Track and Baseball seasons came to a halt and all the hope of how the rest of the school year would unfold. However, the wait has ended because sports are coming back.

On March 1, students in sports like basketball, football, soccer, track, softball, and baseball were allowed to start training at school. Health precautions are taken, including that students have to fill-out a daily form whether they have symptoms or not, and they are required to wear a mask. Even some fall sports like football and volleyball started practicing well. Parents also received emails in the first week of March concerning hybrid in-person classes starting March 29, giving excitement and hope for the students at Castaic High School and the rest of the Santa Clarita Valley schools.

Another piece of news a lot of people are happy about is the start of pro sports seasons. The first Major League Baseball games of the year were Sunday, February 28 due to spring training starting again and the Basketball All-Star game occurred on March 9. Americans spend an average of $55.9 billion in sport events, according to Statista, so many people are excited. Pro sports season returning is mirrored in the return of sports on Castaic’s campus and our community.

The year 2020 was a year of understanding. Understanding the fact that we would not go outside, and hang out with friends, or do the things we had normally done all our life. Although, with a new year starting, people all around our community have hopes of a different more exciting year. Gyms like Hardcore Fitness and 24 Hour Fitness are open indoors again, following precautions such as face coverings and standing 6 feet apart. Restaurants in the mall such as BJ’s are also opening, although it is outdoors, people can now go sit to eat at their restaurant they love. With a new year, came many new opportunities, and if we all take the precautions such as face covering we have learned for a whole year, that could make a difference. 

People say this year will be a new year of excitement and reassurance, and the commencing of sports practices once more has the ability to renew the community’s sense of hope further. Everyone in our community hopes for the pandemic and the stress of staying inside to be over soon, so that the rest of our community can go back to school, work, working out in the gym, and going to the mall with friends; so that we can return not only to in-person instruction but the normality of life before the pandemic.